Focus? Renewal? Wonder? What is YOUR Theme for the Year?

Set a Theme for the Year

2020 — a new decade! What we focus on gets bigger and bolder! What do you want to create in 2020? A very easy forward-focused vision is using one word or a few words as a theme for the year.

These questions will help you identify your theme for 2020.

  • Who do you want to be?
  • What do you want to create this year?
  • What are you being called to do that you are not doing yet?
  • If you listened to your inner wise self, what would you know you just have to do this year?

To inspire you, here are twelve themes for 2020!

And, remember to follow your theme, you must leave some old things behind. What can you do less of, or let go of to accomplish and live your theme this year?

Dreams Need Feet…

Miriam Erick MS, RDN, CDE, LDN 

Miriam Erick MS, RDN, CDE, LDNMiriam is Managing Director of Grinnen-Barrett Publishing Co. LLC. which provides expertise and guidance to women, their families and their care providers about the importance of nutrition before, during and after pregnancy, especially during severe morning sickness.

She is author of Take Two Crackers and Call Me in the Morning!: A Real-life Guide for Surviving Morning Sickness.

“Dreams Need Feet” forces me to sit and write reasonable action plans… and small ones are OK.  Sometimes I think a PLAN needs to be huge… and then it’s overwhelming when you sit and try to figure how to put a rope around it..


Jen Haugen, RDN, LD

Jen is owner of her own Pampered Chef business….where she makes everyday cooking healthier, faster and easier with the best kitchen tools, cooking tips and delicious recipes.

She is author of The Mom’s Guide to a Nourishing Garden.

To me “Authentic” means at 41 years old, that I work hard and I don’t give up on my dreams and I’m not afraid to be who God made me to be – to help my family, to help my community and to use my God-given talents in positive ways. I like this quote by Erma Bombeck: “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.'” Not second-guessing, not over-thinking. Another quote I like: “Innovate, not imitate,” as was stated by George Hormel when he started the Hormel Corporation. It’s okay to be an original!

Focus, Grow, and Prosper…

Barbara R Baron, MS, RDN, CDN, FAND

Barbara Baron is the Family Meals Dietitian®  and owner of Barbara Baron Nutrition.

Barbara works with busy parents and health care providers create nutritious meals so they have more time and energy enjoying meals with family and friends.

She is the author of the E-book “Keep Calm, Cook, Carry On: 30-minute Dinner Solutions” and hand-out “Handy Serving tips.”

My theme for 2020: Focus, Grow and Prosper – (Building healthier meals for healthier clients.) My philosophy is: “always make time for a meal with family and friends” and I advise clients to “Be your own MVP with moderation, variety and planning.” ® 

Fearless Joy…

Monica J McCorkle MS, RDN, CDE, NBC-HWC

Monic is Clinic Wellness Manager for Healthstat, Inc:  Providing healing and well-being to all our corporation provides services to; Accomplishing this through evidenced based, condition management and magical wellness programs for all our providers to use with each patient they touch; Helping employees, one magical encounter at a time.   

My intention for this year is JOY,  Fearless joy! This means…taking the time for boogey boarding in the summer time, enjoying mini-trips to Mexico and dancing in the waves, becoming President Elect for the California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  and being opened to saying “yes!” to what the universe provides!  Taking on all with passion, abundance, joy and love! 


Becky Dorner, RDN, LD, FAND

Owner of Becky Dorner, Becky helps nutrition professionals learn skills and competencies to practice at their highest level.

My word for 2020 is refocus! Things have changed dramatically since I started my first business 37 years ago. I now own 3 businesses, 2 of which are nutrition related. It’s time to reevaluate how I’m spending my time (split between the 3 businesses with 35+ employees) and determine how to transfer even more responsibilities to my management team. My time should be spent on things that bring me joy – and produce the most profitable returns.

Manage What You Measure…

Stephanie Hofhenke, Founder and Marketing Strategist, String Marketing

Stephanie and her team at String Marketing help RDN entrepreneurs with brands, websites and marketing joyfully designed to power their potential.

My theme for personal and business is “Manage what you Measure” … Some might view this as a strict regimen or restriction, but for me, this is about being more mindful of things and capitalizing on things that are working.

Personal life:  Measure how much enjoyment I am really getting, and how much time am I dedicating to the people and things that bring me joy… at the same time minimizing time spent on things that do not bring joy.

Business life:  Measure successes, capitalize on what is bringing the most benefit (to ourselves and clients). Ultimately the goal is to spend most of our time doing work that is bringing our clients measurable success and bringing us the most satisfaction and joy. 


Eileen Stellefson Myers, MPH, RDN, LDN, CEDRD, FADA, FAND

Eileen Myers, author of Winning the War Within: Nutrition Therapy for Clients with Eating Disorders, 3rd edition (Helm Publishing) and owner of Eileen Myers, LLC, is an uncomplicator.

She teaches consumers and businesses the art and science of fueling for health and enjoyment.  She also presents to dietitians on how to stay science-based, patient/client-focused, and patient/client-observant to enhance the client relationship and outcomes.

My 2020 word is Focus.  Now settled in my new life in Fernandina Beach, Florida, I find myself eager to jump into “whatever,” rather than focus on what I love and want to do.  When I focus, I feel joy (my ultimate word).  

Fresh Start…

Ruth Frechman, MA, RDN, CPT

As the owner of On the Weigh, Ruth helps people lose weight so that they can have more energy, achieve better health, live their best life and live a lifestyle that’s free of dieting!

Ruth is author of The Food Is My Friend Diet and The Food Is My Friend Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook.

My “Fresh Start” theme goes along with the online course that I am designing – called Fresh Start Weight Loss. If all goes well, it will be available in a few months.

I am a professional loser. I help people lose weight. I love helping people, because everyone comes with a unique story. But universally, most people struggle to lose weight. Life isn’t always easy whether it is family, health or career. That’s why I chose Fresh Start. I love starting fresh with hope and optimism for a better life. There will be setbacks but keep moving forward. Definitely forward focused.


Lisa. R. Young, PhD, RDN, CDN 

Owner of Lisa Young Nutrition, Lisa  is a portion-size expert, inspiring her community to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Lisa is author of  Finally Full, Finally Slim: 30 Days to Permanent Weight Loss One Portion at a Time  and the Portion Teller Plan: Eating, Cheating and Losing Weight Permanently

My theme is wonder! I feel it is so important to capture the magic and the wonder of each day as well as focus on doing new things (and doing the old things a little differently.). While we have our schedules and busy lives, 2020 will be my year to have a new creative spin on my daily routine. 


Heather Rudalavage RDN, LDN

Heather Rudalavage, RDN, LDNAs the owner of Intuitive Nutrition, Heather helps women achieve their health goals with compassion, empathy and a dash of humor. She is the author of the booklet, First Steps to Becoming an Intuitive Eater.

My theme for the year, “Heart,” means I want to do more of the things that bring me joy and less of the things that bring me down 🙁 I want to put my heart into my business, my clients and myself. My goal is to make self-care a priority this year. I am working hard at getting back in tune with my body — I’ve taken her for granted for too long and I want to make self-love and body acceptance a priority.

I have so much passion about Health at Every size and intuitive eating. I love being a weight-neutral dietitian and even though I was practicing as an Intuitive Eating dietitian before it became mainstream,  I continue to learn and grow personally. Professionally, I want my practice to grow so I can help more people!


Kelly Schmidt, RD, LDN

Kelly Schmidt, RD

As owner of Kelly Schmidt Wellness, Kelly helps people defy the odds of diabetes using personalized nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

She is the author of What’s the Deal with Paleo and Primal Eating?

Being savvy, specifically savvy with decisions, pushes me to pause and really evaluate where I am spending my time, energy and money and therefore, what I am creating space for happiness and success. I know what direction I want to move towards in business and who I want to be and become, but I need to be patient with the journey and shrewd with everything I say yes to this year. 

And what is my theme for the year?


Cherish is my theme for the second year in a row!

Why cherish? Because I want to be more present in my life and what I am doing…when I am working I am working and when I am with those I love I am physically and mentally with those I love and not thinking about the tasks on my to do list.  Cherish is giving attention to my self-care and being ok with starting my busy day with quiet time and writing gratitudes and reading Jesus Calling. My “self -care cherish habits” are not about adding to my to do list rather giving time to listen actually listen to my inner quiet voice to guide my actions throughout the day to be my best I can be. Plus I sorta think cherish reminds me of my name Chere and how cool is that!

More ideas for help identifying your theme for the year

Choose One Word to Set the Tone For Your Year

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We can’t wait to hear what your theme is for the year!

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