Choose One Word to Set The Tone for Your Year

It’s never too late to begin the New Year off right, even if you can’t remember your resolutions or didn’t bother to make any. Studies show that only eight percent of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions long term. The best news is that we don’t need January first to begin anew. We can begin any day. One of my favorite authors Gretchen Rubin the author of Better than Before and the Happiness Project tells us to define a one word theme for the year rather than the traditional resolutions. Gretchen says your one word theme is meant to embrace your highest expectations and big ideas that you want to play out over the year.


My theme for the year is Zest. Even the word zest makes me feel alive. It symbolizes to me pushing my body to try new things, exercising more, becoming committed to a yoga practice, making my relationships with people close to me feel more alive. And of course giving myself self-compassion to be the best I can be


Nina Rocca

Nina Rocca, RDN, LDN, CPT

My theme in 2016 is to have a healthy and prosperous year!

The focus theme of 2016 is wellness and prosperity. Achieving smaller controlled “goals” (behavior changes) will help me to be healthy and fit physically and mentally in the long run to get through life challenges!

I am going to be focusing on gratitude, feeling good and Law of Attraction.  I am going to discard one thing a day from my life that I do not need, be it materialistic or an emotion. More me time including: less Facebook scrolling and more face to face time.

yvette quantz

Yvette Quantz RDN CSSD LDN


My theme / word of the year is: Listen!

Here are a few ways I plan to LISTEN more in 2016:

Listen to my children and what they are trying to communicate through the lines

Listen to my family and friends and really be present during our time together

Listen to my clients and customers, this includes being open to how I can continue to improve products and services

Listen to more audiobooks, podcast, and Ted Talks that educate and inspire me to live better

to my body and give it what it needs, not always what it wants, which includes rest even though I want to keep on going

Listen to God and continue to be open to His plans for my life

Listen to myself, which means trusting my instinct and intuition as I move forward in 2016


Jill Castle

Jill Castle MS RDN CDN

To avoid a pile of good ideas on my desk, my theme for this year is execute. I am an idea generator, but often have too many good ones and don’t know where to put my efforts—thus, it becomes easier to just generate ideas rather than act on them! I have picked one big goal, and two big “ideas” to focus on to help that goal materialize. Meanwhile, I’ll be streamlining my daily schedule to execute my responsibilities consistently.



Kristina Todini, Dietetic Intern

My theme for the year is Simplify & Streamline. 2015 was a year of abundance, but in 2016 I would like to narrow in and focus. I would rather do a few things very well, instead of a lot of things only so-so.


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.03.53 AM

Liz Berry, MS RDN


My theme this year is GRATITUDE!  Why? Gratitude impacts my deepest values of health, family/relationships, career and fun. I am curious to see how my life expression of my values deepens as I empty various strategies to depend my practice of Gratitude!!

I define success as setting clear goals and measuring them at regular intervals from daily to monthly.   If my goals are aligned with my values and headed to the right target then the action steps toward them count as success in my book.


Setting a theme can be a kick starter to happiness. Remember happy people are successful!

What is your theme for the year?


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