The Valentine You Give Yourself – Living on Purpose

Be Your Own Valentine and Live on Purpose with No Regrets (image of red heart hot air balloon over mountain sunrise)

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you immediately think of chocolate. But what if you thought of gifting yourself a really good Valentine’s present — self-love and taking care of the stuff that keeps you awake at night!? Read more…

“What you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow,” I was known to exclaim as a Registered Dietitian. And years later I would also add, “What I do today ‘talks’ tomorrow,” meaning what I do or do not do keeps me awake at night.  At least once a week I coach a client filled with remorse and regrets.  They are disappointed about a missed opportunity like not getting out of an unfulfilling relationship sooner or getting out of a relationship too soon. Or regretting they did not start a private practice like they wanted to for the past 5 years. Or they are truly sad they did not spend more time with the people and things they love.  We tend to keep the things we didn’t do stuffed with negative emotions way in the back of our brain. It sinks our spirit when we think of them.  But they are always with us even in the beautiful moments of our life.

Today a client wrote,

“I worked sometimes 12 day stretches as I said yes to every opportunity — presentations, round tables, research, publications in addition to my very busy clinical load…it helped me get to where I am today but at a sacrifice. It led to chronic migraines, burnout and a need for a break.”

She stopped the busy and overwhelm and moved out West for a total change to find work life balance and “to work to live and not live to work.” She is finding balance again with hiking, friends, playing with friends and LOVING the sunshine. She wanted to put God and family before work, and she is. She created a life with no regrets! She was a deliberate creator!

Decide 2020 is your year to be done with regret.

Decide 2020 is your year to be done being a prisoner of your negative thoughts and emotions.

Decide today to give yourself your freedom back to accept your mistakes, failures, and what you lost.

So what? You wanted to connect more with special people in your life and it never happened. So what? You did not quit your job and start your own business. So what? You had a rocky relationship with someone and it still bugs you. Last year was last year. This is a new year.

Trust that this year is your year to be strong, confident and forward-focused!

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You are strong. You are confident. 2020 is your year! Make this the year the dream in your heart is acted upon and comes true. Your destiny is your responsibility. You could die without accomplishing it so you must decide today that you will follow your dream no matter what challenges present themselves. Scared? You will always find someone who can help you. Always. The challenges are nothing in comparison to dying with your dream inside of you. Even if you start and don’t finish you will have done things you have loved in your lifetime and that alone gives you purpose-filled joy.

Your Call to Actions

  1. Your Mantras: “I am a deliberate creator.”  “I am a deliberate attractor.”
  2. Your Task: Write down your top 1 to 3 things you need to make happen this year. Do. Them.

If you make a mistake, so what!?  My mistakes have led to more success than I ever imagined.

I am here to help!

The thrill of a good chocolate bar or delicious chocolate truffle lasts only minutes. Give yourself a lasting gift. Make it a rule to never regret and never to look back.

Pawan Agrawal reminds us, “Old people never regret what they did…they regret what they NEVER did!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What did you do to dump regrets?
What is your dream goal for this year?
We can’t wait to hear from you!

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