Forget what you don’t want – Focus on what you want!

Focus on attracting what you want

“I don’t have enough money. I need $$ to do more! This is the big hurdle I have  to get over.”

Every time you use the words “don’t, no or not” you’re giving attention to what you don’t want. What you think about, or talk about, or pay attention to what you don’t want, it causes you to send out a negative vibration.

The Law of Attraction is always eavesdropping and is responding to what you are vibrating.

LOA’s (law of attraction) job description is to match the vibration (mood or feeling) you are giving out to the universe

LOA has no idea if you want something or don’t want it; it is quietly arranging ways to give you whatever you give your energy, focus and attention to.

Time to Reset!

Time to Reset and focus on what you wantInstead of saying, “I need more money,” you could say “I am in process of attracting more money.”

Instead of saying,“I have a hurdle to get over,” you could say,“I am at peace with my present decision and am forward focused.”

You can choose.

Do you want?

Loss Gain
Lack Full
Not enough Enough
Chaotic Calm
No security Security
Future Present and living one day at a time
Worry Peace
Crap Blessings
Stuck Choices
Fear Freedom

Every day when you hop out of bed remember you have a choice of feeling positive or negative.  Your feelings become your beliefs and your beliefs create your results. Law of Attraction says whatever you focus on gets bigger and bolder. Your words become your thoughts, your thoughts become your vibe (mood or feeling) and you vibe creates your result. If you want to change your result, change your vibe, change your thoughts and change your word. You get the idea!

Focus on the good stuff and you will attract more good stuff.

Rhonda Byrne reminds us, “Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because at any moment you can change the way you feel.”

What to get started on attracting what you want in 2020?

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Please write in the comments what you are attracting in your life in 2020!

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