Facing Death Brings Purpose to Life

Facing Death Helps Bring Purpose to Life

Trees are decorated… We have more lights than ever (although, Gary did put a kibosh to my hanging lights without garland on the kitchen window and family room door which he says is tacky and I say the more lights the merrier!). Even the giant Dickens Village is up this year… The presents are all bought except one for Brett…

Christmas decorations - the house is ready but I'm not

Even though I am “ready,” I am not ready at all!

After much reflection, I finally figured out why I am not excited for Christmas this year.

I am an orphan.

Dad died last year on March 5th while I was on a cruise, 8 months after mom. Since then I pictured myself in a hot air balloon that is incapable of landing. Unmoored! Ungrounded! Going where? I just don’t know!  And, often, I am afraid of where I am going to land.

My last Christmas with my parents.
Christmas 2017 — Little did we know it would be our last family Christmas together!

In 2018, Gary and I lost three amazing men all in their sixties to pancreatic cancer. In 2019 two very close friends were diagnosed with bile duct cancer. Gary says I focus on death a lot.  And, I do. But my belief is that, in order to live our lives to the fullest, we must think about our death every single day. Because when I think about death it helps me “get going” and gets me living.  Life gives us no guarantees except for life and death.

As a law of attraction coach I know that what we focus on gets bigger and bolder! Focusing on death this time of year is not fun.  I can choose to be sad and down or I can choose to be all “knowing.”  Knowing I define as giving myself compassion and grace to slow down and be present and not care about the emails pouring in or the house that needs organizing. But to stop and give attention to my intentions!

I give myself permission to think about my death, as it helps me want to live.

Thinking about my death helps me live on purpose with purpose. 

Here are 5 ideas to live your life on purpose.

Think about that inevitable moment when you are actually looking back on your life.

Suddenly it will feel less about what you feel you should do and more about what you want to do and have energy for.

Be grateful.

Daily, writing down three gratitudes has been life changing. They give me hope for a sparkly day and turn those sparkly days into weeks and those weeks into months and months into years!

Show up being WHO you are.

Pursue what you want, not what others want from you. De-should your life list!

Live your values.

First, you have to identify them. When you learn what they are you stop living blindly. It’s like you turn on a light and you find you’ve been holding a map to your life all along.

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Listen to your intuition.

It is never wrong. Trust your inner voice. Trusting your inner voice can be hard and very scary, but you will know you are on the right path. If it is scary, it’s usually the right path.

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You have one life to live, just imagine it was one you truly loved!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Grateful for each one of you!

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8 thoughts on “Facing Death Brings Purpose to Life”

  1. Chere, thank you for sharing about loosing your parents. This is very helpful to me, as my dad passed October 2018 (Alzheimers) and my mom passed May 2019 (pancreatic cancer). I can really appreciate how you have been feeling. I have found that I have a much better appreciation for those who loose loved ones. This ‘grief thing’ has been a real eye opener for me!! I am doing a lot better since June!! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Lisa, I am so sorry about the loss of your parents! It is with profound understanding with the loss of our parents that when someone’s parent dies we GET It…you cannot get what you have not experienced sometimes!
      Time helps grief but we will always remember and keep our parents as our little sparkly treasures in our heart! Merry Christmas Lisa!

  2. When I saw the title of your article, of course it pulled me in. DEATH is about the strongest word I know. As I age, the word becomes more apparent in my life and mind. I definitely think about my death more now than I ever have. And YES I’ve lost my mom, and her mom, my last Grandparent. It’s hard to “believe” it sometimes. And it is sad. But we have to keep on keeping on! Like your article says, it gives us purpose to GET LIVING!…Leaving a legacy, making a difference. You are the BEST Chere! WE LOVE your Words of Wisdom, Advice and pure Honesty! Thank you!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Kimbereley..you have a way with words! Strong, honest and bold! Did you see what Niki wrote…Get busy living or get busy dying! quote from Shawshank Redemption! Love you and Merry Christmas Happy you are in my life!
      Cheerfully Chere

  3. Love you Chere! My hubby’s favorite quote from Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” I’m working toward all of the principles you suggested. I know your parents are smiling and happy, watching you live your best life. xoxo

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