Dump New Year’s Resolutions for These 4 Life-Changing Questions

4 Life Changing Questions for the New Year

Today, a delightful client who tries to “do it all” exclaimed:

“I should make plans for the New Year but I am so stuck right now! I finally get going and then get stuck. I have 100 things to do and don’t know what I should do first, second and third!”

Are you feeling overwhelmed like this client?

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, do this simple little exercise to give you clarity to creating your best year ever!

4 Life-Changing New Year’s Questions

Take a piece of paper and fold in half lengthwise and then fold it crosswise.
Then, in each square of the paper write one word.

Top left write Start,
Top right write Stop,
Lower left write Continue,
Lower right write Gratitudes.

What should I start?

What new skills, adventures, travel plans, and more do I want to create this year? Who do I want to meet?

Maybe you start getting up 10 minutes earlier and writing a gratitude journal (life changing) or decide to spend 10 minutes the evening before bed jotting down the top three things you want to do the next day. (Notice want not should.) Maybe you want to start your new business or a new exercise plan. Maybe you decide this is the year of your health and make a few health care appointments. Maybe this is the year you decide to listen to your values* and honor your heart!  It does not matter; just start the list of your starts. And, they can be baby starts!

What should I stop?

What challenges keep me in my whirlwind? Habits are helpful or hurtful. Are my habits leading to becoming the person I want to be? Are there people that are “shoulding” on me and telling me what to do? What challenges do I talk about constantly to my family and friends that I no longer what to tolerate? What’s bugging me that I want to stop?

What should I continue?

What have I started this year and know it makes me a better person? What activities do I do that make me feel whole, complete and confident?  What have I done this past year that has given me more time, energy, money or purpose?

What am I grateful for?

It’s more than “It’s a wonderful life!” Gratitude are the memories of our hearts.

When you choose to see blessings (big or small) like a good glass of wine, a thoughtful text from a friend, or time with a family member you can begin to focus on the good things in life, the little things that sometimes mean the most.

Gratefulness is the most powerful tool in your arsenal for creating happiness. Sometimes our circumstances cannot be changed quickly enough to make us happy, but our attitude can be changed in seconds, which helps us change our circumstances over time!

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Happy New Year!

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