A Life of Value: Steve Della Croce

A Life of Value
Steve Della Croce, MS, RDN, CDN
Steve Della Croce, MS, RDN, CDN

With over 15 years of experience in the Nutrition & Wellness field, Stephen has specialized in kidney disease, weight management, diabetes, Vitamin-D and heart disease.

He helps dietitians focus on helping patients and growing their practices instead of spending time with menial tasks.
connects patients to the dietitian that can help them solve their nutrition and health challenges.


Using the Value Finder, what did you identify as your top five values, Steve?

Family! Career! Steve’s Health, Charity/ Giving, Creativity

How does knowing your values increase your happiness and help you make decisions?

It has helped focus on doing what I love.  When we do what we love it becomes fun instead of work.  It also allows me to be in the moment.  When I am with my family I focus on them, and when I am working I focus on that.  Life is much more enjoyable.

Steve Della Family


I am so grateful for my wife and my 2 children (Charlie, 9 and Rosie, 7).  We are always busy with fun activities like sports, movies, and theatre.  They are at a great age where they actually want to hang out with us!


This is always evolving, but my main goal is to help more people.  When I am helping an RDN build their practice, they are helping more people so that gets me closer to my goal.  I enjoy my work and I enjoy working on myself.  Being a better version of myself has made me a better dietitian and business owner, not to mention better husband and father.

Steve and his wife


Getting myself healthier has always been a struggle.  I didn’t come from the healthiest family, but wanting to help others like them is what motivated me into becoming a dietitian.  I have to remember that I am my first client.  Similar to working at something I enjoy, I’ve learned to pick the physical activities that I like doing, biking, weights, baseball/basketball, in order to stay in shape.  Ultimately, I am getting myself healthy so that I can be a good example for my kids and be here for them in the future.

Charity/ Giving

Being charitable gives me enormous joy.  No strings attached, just helping people.  That gets down to the core of who I am.  Whether it is through social events for dialysis patients through For Kidney’s Sake or donating to local charities, or running charity poker tournaments for nonprofit organizations, I feel better when I am giving back.

Steve Playing Guitar


I am one of those people who get new ideas all the time and I need to flush them out.  They’re not all good ideas, but I can’t stop them from popping into my head.  I’ve been blessed to have played in a band professionally before becoming a dietitian and I continue to play because it is a creative outlet.  What I love about being a business owner is that I can continue being creative through the business in a similar way to when I am playing music.

How about you?  Do you feel you are living the life you were meant to live? Feeling like something is missing! I invite you to take the Value Finder and discover what needs to be in place so you like Steve

can focus on what you love and make decisions and live another enjoyable day!

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