Tired? Overwhelmed? Manage your energy not time.

This is Energy MONTH! Why? Because I feel we need an extra “rush” of energy to really enjoy and savor the holidays.

Energy is the number one currency for life. You have 24 hours in a day. Time is fixed. Energy can either be abundant or lacking. Happiness, health and productivity are all based on ONE thing – ENERGY! Since 2009, I have been using the concept of the Power of Full Engagement with my coaching clients and myself. You can create habits for each type of energy. This is a quick version of what I do to get you started.

This was my first triathlon in Freemont Wisconsin. Before the race I was VERY excited until I saw that the lake was green that I was to swim in. My physical energy was probably the best in my life when I prepared for this race with training with swimming, biking and speed walking as my “total knee to be” limits my running. This picture makes me want to sign up for another tri to push myself again. If you have done a race you can feel what I mean.


Physical Energy – The Quantity of Energy which Engages your Body

Ask yourself: What action step do I need to do to perform at my best for: nutrition, moving my body, sleep, hydration, and breathing?

Example: Gary and I get to bed at 10:30 p.m. as he wants to swim at 5:30 am and I usually have a 7 am client. It is so easy to stay up late, read, and watch TV. Our evening creates our next day. When I wake up, I pour myself a big glass of water and drink 5 12-ounce glasses each day. I refresh myself with Triple E breathing (breathe in energy, empowerment, and enthusiasm and let go of worries, challenges and obstacles on the exhale). I do this before every coaching call, talk or event.

mental energy
I am with Brenda Brown the program planner for the Forum of Executive Women in St. Cloud, Minnesota where I presented my Tasting Life Balance keynote.

I use buckets of mental energy when I prepare for a keynote with tons of quiet time which boosts my creativity. For mental focus before each talk I perform the cross crawl. Stand. Lift your right arm and left leg simultaneously. Lower these and raise your left arm and right leg. Continue for 1 minute and breathe deeply. This gets both parts of your brain working together.


Mental Energy – The Focus of your Energy which Engages Your Mind

Ask yourself: What action step do I need to do to perform my best for: focus and concentration, solid mental preparation, positive thinking, creativity, and time management?

For focus I must have a totally quiet environment that I admit has been a challenge with dear retired Gary home watching TV during the day. (And of all TV shows – westerns!) When I get a “downer email” I use the www.positivityratio.com and think of 3 positives to balance out the 1 negative. Works like a charm.

emotional energy
Emotional energy is all about people. My biggest cheerleaders and emotional energy chargers are my four siblings. They give me unconditional support and I to them no matter what.


Emotional Energy – The Quality of Energy which Engages Your Heart

Ask yourself: What action step do I need to do to perform my best for: solution based optimism, keeping my confidence level high, and staying emotionally engaged with people?

Being with people is my confidence booster. Even going to the grocery store or post office can boost my confidence. When I turned 35 I started the daily habit of telling 3 people something nice each day, which boosts every one spirits. My favorite is to notice if a stranger’s eyes match their shirt. I tell them that and they respond as if they won the lottery.

spiritual energy
Nature provides a spiritual energy that compares to nothing else in life. We are blessed to go to the Bork cabin in Rhinelander Wisconsin and see beautiful sunsets with people that we cherish most. Thanks Mark and Pam for buying that little piece of heaven for us.


Spiritual Energy – The Force of Energy which Engages your Spirit

Ask yourself: What are my passions? What is my purpose? What is my vision for my life?

I ask myself what is the purpose of the project or article I am writing. What is the purpose of taking all this time to cook Gary dinner…ah yes, Chere your value is family dinnertime. Remind yourself what is your vision for the life only you can create.

Full engagement is using all four types of energy at ONE time. Full engagement needs to have energy investment balanced with intermittent energy deposits. Your productivity depends on energy expenditure and recovery. Use all four types of energy for 90 to 120 minutes and take a break for rest and recovery. I have several clients who’ve taken this a step farther by being full engaged for 3 hours and then taking 3 hours to get outside, see a movie or visit a friend – with NO guilt! Try it! Your spirit will be glad you did AND so will your personal and business bottom line.

This tool was adopted from the magnificent book, The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

I hope these examples help you like they have helped my clients.

What habits do you use to create energy in your life? We can’t wait to hear.

Please remember to savor the holidays as there is only one 2015 holiday season.


4 thoughts on “Tired? Overwhelmed? Manage your energy not time.”

  1. What a great article Chere! I really needed this today. I actually took notes as I read the article. Quite time is something I personally need to recharge, but I struggle to find enough quite time. Having a 2 and a 5 year old make it very difficult.

    1. Dina, how are you doing with the busy holidays? Ask yourself: Do I schedule my priorities or prioritize my schedule? Especially this busy pre holiday week. Have a lovely week Dina!

      1. Thanks for the reply Chere! I actually don’t let the holidays stress me out much. It just seems silly to get stressed about such a joyful time. I put off some much needed house cleaning to decorate Christmas cookies with the kids and take them to see the Santa train this weekend. I’ll be off with them for 2 weeks for Christmas break… What joy! I could still use some more quite time 🙂

        1. Dina, YOU Have the BEST mindset..the holidays are too joyous to get wigged out about them!! You could help others with your attitude! Have a wonderful few weeks off! Love Chere

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