National Nutrition Month Giveaway

March is National Nutrition Month! To celebrate I’m giving away one of my Five Ingredients for Healthy Living cookbook.

All recipes are 5 ingredients (because there were 5 kids) and with nutrition analysis hand calculated by Laurie. Scattered throughout the cookbook are coaching tips for the five ingredient living– purpose, health, balance, energy and happiness as well as nutrition tips.

To enter:

  • Tell me how you’re celebrating National Nutrition Month with your family in the comments.
  • Like me on Facebook.
  • Contest ends March 31st.


12 thoughts on “National Nutrition Month Giveaway”

  1. We are trying to follow the theme of the month…Shape Up Your Plate…by adding more fruits, veggies, and whole grains to all our meals.

  2. I’m making an effort to cook every night rather than resort to take0ut, which we’ve done too often in the past. And by making all our meals I can find healthy recipes and substitute ingredients to make meals more nutritious.

  3. Already have liked you on facebook, but in truth its more than like as you are one of the women I adnired on International Women’s Day.

    We are moving toward a plant based diet, being mindful of where the small amount of meat we eat comes from as well as how the produce was raised.

    1. I saw that Lee…how delicious to be admired on International Womens Day. Have you thought of joining a CSA
      for the summer? I think I am going to join again with some neighbors.

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