Is your life being consumed by your lifestyle?

My Facebook friends are always on vacation! I am jealous! My Facebook friends are always drinking great wine or dining on scrumptiously looking food! And don’t forget the beautiful pools and sand beaches they are laying by. I am jealous!

Sometimes Facebook makes me feel like I need a better life. I ask, “What is wrong with my life?” I was feeling sad and down after reading Facebook posts and then I started to realize that my Facebook friends are sharing their “lifestyle” the outside part of their life and not their “life” the inside part of their life. Have you thought about what is the price of your lifestyle costing you?

Today is National Make Life Beautiful Day.

A day dedicated to celebrating people who are making life beautiful for themselves and others around them. A great day to define the difference between a “ life” and a “lifestyle.”

A lifestyle is:

  • Your self-esteem comes at the mercy of others opinion of your life
  • External values are adopted to be accepted by others and often they are not what you really believe in
  • It can be expensive and can drain your energy

Sometimes people have a strong personality but they are missing a strong sense of themselves and who they are. So they accrue and get more and more and it takes more and more to get fulfilled by their lifestyle. Sometimes people spend money so they don’t have to address problems in their life.

A life is:

  • Your self-esteem comes from inside of you and is not based on what others say
  • You have created a life based on values and things that are important to you
  • It is not expensive and does not drain your energy

What do you choose? A life or a lifestyle?

If you choose a lifestyle you are turning control of what you wear, drive, eat and do to others to judge you. They respond to the image you project. That image can change.

If you choose a life, you are living out what you believe based on your own beliefs. You do not care about how you are being perceived by others as you are being true to yourself.

Living your life aligned with your values will give you more joy than a certain lifestyle. You don’t care what others think. You don’t need others to validate you to help you feel good about yourself.  Facebook posts will not bother you.

The key question to ask is “How much of my life is being consumed by my lifestyle?Click To Tweet

As Thomas Leonard, the founder of  states, “There is nothing wrong with having a lifestyle. But make sure you have it and it does not have you.”

What do you get in exchange if you give up some of the things you identify yourself with? You could get some of your life back. What’s the price of that? Priceless! Start living your great life today!

How have you started to live your life instead of a lifestyle? We can’t wait to hear.



Source: Life versus lifestyle ideas adopted from Thomas Leonard, Coachu my wonderful coaching school