5 Simple Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Today we celebrate National Say Something Nice Day! Today is the perfect day to appreciate people around us.

They say love makes the world around, but what people are really starving for is appreciation. It is the foundation of a successful business, family life, and marriage. It is the balance between giving and receiving. Receive value and show your appreciation. In the business world, you will have increased customer loyalty, and a more dedicated staff. In family life, your home will be more joyful and happy.

  1. Say Thank You.
    Anytime someone provides you with value, thank them. Do it verbally, write an email, send a card, leave a voice mail.
  2. Focus on the Positive.
    Appreciate what is good when talking to someone, not what is not good. What you focus on becomes bigger and bolder.
  3. Ask How You Can Make Their Day.
    Be sincere and you will be surprised at what is needed.
  4. Use Your Gifts To Show Appreciation.
    Appreciating others should be easy, not hard. Do you what you do best and people will know that you do care.
  5. Date Your Spouse or Partner
    Successful people have a cheerleader supporting them through good times and bad times. Show your spouse you do appreciate them and create a date “just because” you care. Gary and I “date” and that means when we do errands we kiss at stoplights. We have been doing that for 35 years.

I would love for you to meet my team!

I appreciate John Grotz who has been my IT administrator since he was 14. I appreciate his constant non-judgmental support no matter what I mess up on my computer. He has the patience of a saint and can figure out anything and everything with my computer! I don’t buy computers he builds me a new one when I need one.  Thank you John!

I appreciate Jane Hogan my bookkeeper since 2011 who keeps our books “squeaky clean.” She was truly understanding, patient and compassionate when I suffered my concussion. Thank you Jane!


I appreciate Stephanie Hofhenke & Tara Curtin with String Marketing. They are my go to gals that manage my social media, blog posts and website. They take away all my technology stress so I can focus on what I love doing most!

They make my content come alive and make it easy for me to communicate with my network. Thank you Stephanie and Tara!


I appreciate Krista Ulatowski MPH, RDN who is my fellow Cheesehead Registered Dietitian friend who inspires and guides my presence on social media and always is giving me practical ideas. She is the Seattle based owner of KUcumber Nutrition Communications, creating and implementing marketing, communications and public relations programs for health, wellness and food companies. Thank you Krista!

I appreciate Jaci Pierce who has been my newsletter manager since 2004. She is always proactive, so easy to work with and can solve any newsletter challenge. Thank you Jaci!

I appreciate my daughter Danielle for her many years of editing my articles, and creating all my Power points and handouts for talks and tallying my hundreds of evaluations without one complaint no matter what! Thank you Danielle!

And finally, I could not do my life without my blue eye rock husband Gary who always seems to know what I need before I do. I cherish having a husband who is a step ahead of me. Thank you sweetheart!

Who do you appreciate? How do they know you appreciate them?



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