10 Minute Bad Day Turnaround

Frustrated woman in need of a discovery walk

An email from one of my Besties:

Bad day here too!  Nothing has gone right…needed to finish my taxes but couldn’t because the husband was on computer all day. He has taken over my dining room table now too. I get upset because he has an office. Waterbed has a hole and is leaking. I am trying to spackle holes, paint, and hang new curtains, fix a waterbed, get my grandson off to school, get groceries, wash clothes, trip to hardware store. I wish I could just do everything myself but I can’t. I need help. Than I am told I should be helping my daughter, why am I not over there.  Yea…bad Monday!

We were both having a bad day together. Sometimes my head is so cluttered up with stuff and challenges (visible and invisible) I think it is going to pop right off. (Since I fell on my driveway and suffered a concussion I really picture my head popping off and rolling away.) I am distracted, frustrated, multitasking and doing everything but living in the present. I need to stop and get out of my rat-race thinking.

The easiest and quickest way to get CALM FOCUS is to take a walk. I literally walk away my problems. I walk to the corner and back and it takes me about 11 minutes.

When I leave the house, my list of challenges and problems is unimaginable and when I come back I feel grateful and have figured out a solution. How does this magic happen? I take intentional walks. I take discovery walks! You can too at home, work, anywhere you feel like your life is out of control.

Take a Discovery Walk

Woman taking a discovery walk

Ask yourself, “What do I need to discover?”  Discovery is magical and light. It is like opening the door and not knowing what is behind the door…it is easy. It is not hard. Discovery is about wonderment!  

Make a decision to “walk with YOUR QUESTION”

This can be anywhere, anytime and for any amount of time you wish.  Remember your commitment to focus your intent is like opening the door and waiting to walk through.  Say to yourself:

I’m going to take time now to walk with the question that will best support my wellbeing (in this moment, at this time, etc.) and take me to my next important step in my journey.”

Besides my 10-minute walks, my other favorite places to use my discover question are: sitting in the car without the distraction of the radio (when I get to an event early), my church (before mass begins), being outside early (especially in my garden) in the chill of the morning before anyone else is up,  and a hot shower where I feel my thoughts are “melting into me” from the hot water.  You will “feel” where you “discover” the most! Taking a discovery walk is my favorite and my coaching clients’ too.

Decide if the focus of your question will be on exploring the OPPORTUNITIES or the CHALLENGES. This will be a quick intuitive check in…” Challenges or opportunities….opportunities or challenges?”  And your gut will just pick one.

Your heart knows and treasures your answers.  Do you feel your practical brain is keeping the door closed?? 

Ready to open the door?

What to do you need to do when you are feeling overwhelmed? Escape. Take. A. Walk. Remember what you focus on gets bigger and bolder. And the number one tool to change your life is a question. So it is a win/win. You are focusing on a solution with deliberate calm focus!  Give it a try. Walk for 5 minutes, turn around and come back.

Psychologists studying how exercise relieves anxiety and depression suggest that a 10-minute walk may be just as good as a 45-minute workout and can quickly elevate depressed moods in many people! You gotta love that! In only 10 minutes!

I can guarantee you can go from a bad day to a good day in a matter of 10 minutes. You have one life to live, just imagine it is one you love!

Jackie LevinThe Discovery Walk Coaching Tool was adapted from my friend Jackie who was diagnosed with cancer and voiced when I was with her that she feels grateful she needed chemo because this made her sick enough to slow down and discover what is truly important to her.  If she would have just needed surgery her life would not have slowed down enough for her to truly discover what is important.  Imagine that discovery! She was diagnosed weeks after watching her mom die of the same cancer in hospice. She took care of her each and every day the last few months of her life. Jackie is one of the most beautiful, creative, and compassionate human beings I know.

For more information about Jackie Levin visit www.sayyestopossibility.com.

What do you do when you are having a bad day? Jackie and I cannot wait to hear!

Big Love,

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