Where is Chere Savoring Life?

The Meyer Kids at the Hospital with their mom

On July 28th, our 88-year-old mom’s perforated colon came viciously quick, which resulted in surgery, an ICU stay and, ultimately, death. During her hospital stay, she was loved up by her five kids and grandkids 24/7. She had the chance to verbally say goodbye to each of us. She knew exactly what was going on up until the time we amped up her morphine for her pain. She died peacefully five hours later holding our hands. I must be getting old. Thirty plus years ago, my mom talked about her holding her mom as she died. I thought “How horrible.” But now I think differently about death. Although, it is not easy, it is part of life. Now I strive to be more and do less! When I focus on death I truly focus on precious life! How about you? #savorlifetoday

Chere Bork holding hands with her mom, Carol Meyer, at the end of her life

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