Today I Celebrate the Worst Day Of My Life

Wow, fifteen years ago today I was fired. Well, my sweet husband, Gary says I was let go. But the WAY I was let go felt like I was being fired.

On February 13, 2003 at 3 pm I was called into the General Manager’s office and the director of Health Education was there.  It was a first that I was called into his office but I didn’t think anything of it! I was told “effectively immediately” you are done working here. Wow! I was in shock. Who would fire Chere Bork? Me? I am good at what I do.  I have always under promised and over delivered… I overachieve.  I am all about succeeding and achieve!

The Director of Health Education told me her kids were waiting to eat pizza and she hoped it would not take long for me to remove my stuff. Three hours later I was finally packed up. I replayed every saved voice mail message out loud as she sat next to me quietly observing and I sensed getting frustrated.  I replayed voicemails from her that were filled with affirmations and “Thank you, Chere, you did great with that client” and filled with much gratitude. I savored each voicemail and did not care if her kids would ever eat pizza that evening! I was in shock!  My fellow colleagues were wonderful. By the time I drove home I already had voicemail messages on my home phone filled with their shock and grief.

Two days later I got a card which I still have saved in my kitchen with a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Liz wrote a note, “You will go far but please stay in touch!” I have treasured that note for 15 years! Thank you Liz! Your belief in me was greater than my doubt!  Boy did I have doubt! Who would fire Chere Bork?

I sat in Gary’s blue recliner for about 3 months. I.  Cried. Every day!  It was a tumultuous ending which eventually created a beautiful beginning of a sweet life for me and my family.  It was a good week if I earned $200.00 and I had enough energy to exercise. Sitting in Gary’s blue recliner was a lot easier than figuring out what to do. But eventually, it got easier and easier.

Flexibility and Freedom

Now, I can be the “real Chere!” No one tells me I cannot write with magic markers on envelopes or tells me I cannot wear red or how much time I can spend with a client. I have total freedom to throw a load of wash in between clients, exercise in the middle of my day, have the kitchen table set for dinner at 10 am and have dinner all ready to go.  I have time for calls during the day with my family and friends. I don’t have to wait until the evening to cram everything in.

I earn more than five times my salary which has helped Gary retire early as I am contributing more to the house.  My earnings were so low I was barely contributing to our retirement investments.   

Gary is shockingly happy that his dietitian wife has no ceiling on what she can earn any more.  All because I got fired! My only limit is my desire!

I can now live my purpose and passion. Purpose is the reason we journey and passion is the fire that lights your way. My purpose is to help Registered Dietitians find the confidence and motivation to make changes to create and love their best life.

Sometimes the biggest fails in life are really the biggest wins! Tonight Gary and I will celebrate with some champagne!

I would love to hear if you had a big fail and how it turned into a win.  Or I would love to hear if you feel like you are in “fail mode” now and how I can help!

You have one life to live, just imagine it was one you loved.

 I am so grateful I got fired!

P.S.  Tammy Beasley RD, CSSD, LD, CED, RD president of the Alabama Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sat in the first row and shouted during my energy keynote I am so happy you got fired!

Just another reminder for me that life is good!

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