Wins from Coaching

  • Awareness of the behaviors and motivators that keep me in my “best self”
  • With Chere’s coaching and guidance, I built an awesome team of collaborators and professionals to support my business practices
  • Successfully grew my business to accomplish income objectives
  • Improved confidence in my ability to network and collaborate – especially important as I transition and relocate my practice to a new state.

ONE big inner change

Completing the PRINT survey, and working with Chere on understanding the results, proved to be one of the most important tools for recognizing thoughts and “shadow behavior” that was holding me back in certain areas of my business. Learning to recognize and correct these behaviors was critical for reducing inefficiencies in my business and propel me forward with my practice.

Coaching with Chere was the jumpstart I needed to transition into private practice from my full time job. From the first day I spoke with Chere on the phone, she seemed to “know” what I needed. She challenged me to set goals and provided the skills and tools to keep me on track and moving forward. As a result, I was able to get my practice up and running and experience the success I was hoping for with my practice sooner than I expected. Chere continues to be a mentor, resource and friend that has been a difference maker in my career and personal life.

Val Schonberg

Enlighten Nutrition Consulting