Stephanie McKercher, MS, RDN

Wins from Coaching

  • I learned strategies for managing stress and negative beliefs that were holding me back
  • I feel more confident about working in the media
  • I’ve created recipes and photography for some of my favorite food brands
  • I work less and have more free time

One Big Inner Change

Chere helped me understand my worth. As a new business owner, I was undercharging and feeling burnt out. Chere gave me the confidence to increase my rates and walk away from projects that weren’t a good fit.

Chere helped me turn my food blog into a fulltime business. When we first started working together, I was trying to grow a traditional private practice, but I secretly dreamed of working in media. Chere gave me the mindset shift I needed to follow this passion and turn it into reality. We came up with a plan and I started taking my website and content creation skills more seriously. She helped me sign contracts with brands that were on my short list of ideal partners and has been an integral source of support and encouragement for me!

Stephanie McKercher

Registered Dietitian, Blogger