Wins from Coaching

  • Able to identify and prioritize what was important to me
  • Time management which also now included myself and family
  • Eliminate what was not bringing me joy
  • Declutter my life to make room for more important ventures
  • Make exercise a priority, which makes me feel good

One Big Inner Change

I learned to be more assertive with my staff, close people around me who were taking advantage of me. To. Stand. Up. For. Myself. This was very difficult as I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. In doing this, Chere helped me to take control of my business and the direction it needed to go in.

Chere is an amazing woman. She has more enthusiasm than anyone I have ever met. If you are not feeling up to coaching, you will once you hear her voice. She is able to ignite something within you that you did not know was there. Chere was able to bring me to believe in me, accomplish things I would not have thought to do prior and believe in myself. 

Stephanie Amigo