Wins from Coaching

  • Gained boldness and confidence in determining and sharing my fees for speaking engagements
  • Have a go-to person for when it comes to questions regarding negotiations
  • Clarity as to what opportunities to pursue now versus what to postpone until I’m in a less busy season as a Mom of 3

One Big Inner Change

As the founder of my business, I work mostly solo and in an area with few dietitian entrepreneurs: having another RDN I respect affirm my progress gave me the confidence boost I needed to continue to pursue my goals as a speaker with fresh tenacity.

Chere honored my strong family-focused priorities while cheering me on in my ambitious career goals. She was there to answer questions that no-one else has been able to along my unique journey as a dietitian entrepreneur and speaker. I took notice years ago that successful people, athletes, and companies I admire have someone in their corner to offer a viewpoint from a different angle and give the support. Those of us who run our businesses solo especially need to make the most of that “teamwork to make the dream work.”

Sohailla Digsby

RDN | Fitness Pro | Author & National Speaker
Best Body Nutrition & Fitness