Shelley Johnson, RD

Wins from Coaching

Before Chere, I felt like my career just happened to me. I never had a plan or goals even though I was experiencing successes. I had many great experiences along the way but when I found myself jobless, I realized I had no career plan or life direction. Despite being in my early forties, I surprised myself when I realized I couldn’t confidently make a list of my values. And while I thought I knew what my needs were in a professional (or relationship) setting, Chere’s coaching REALLY helped me refine them.

Having a handle on my values and needs are major tools in my career development toolbox now. In my day-to-day life I’m using what I’ve gained to help me make better, more fulfilling choices. The icing on top is my genuine sense of happiness and satisfaction with life.

One of my favorite takeaways from our coaching sessions has helped me shape the way I share my free time with others and the way I advocate for myself in a multitude of settings. These “wins” mean I can be a better wife, daughter, colleague, friend, volunteer, etc.

One Big Inner Change

I’m a pretty confident person so when I reached a low point, I my confidence was rocked. Coaching gave me a purpose – something to work on. My version of self-care evolved from pedicures and retail therapy into actual self-care. I’m taking on things (hobbies, professional development, relationships) I never thought I would and I’m finding joy in things I would have otherwise put off. I’m living my life now and not waiting for retirement to get to the rewarding stuff. I also have a heightened sense of self-awareness. Understanding why I respond to something in my world helps me turn my attitude around and I am sure this is a huge contributor to my personal happiness. As I move forward I will continue to embrace the idea that it’s OK that things make me happy now but someday if that changes, it’s OK too!

Shelley Johnson