Wins from Coaching

Chere was great in directing me to really look at my life and priorities. Work is important, but is only one piece of the total picture, and if I’m happy with the rest of my life I can receive more enjoyment and satisfaction with the rest of my life.

One Big Inner Change

I think the biggest change that I made was gaining the awareness that evaluation of priorities is a constant process, and that I need to always be evaluating if specific activities fit into the big picture that I want my life to be. With busy high school and middle school children, a wonderful husband, church obligations, friends, work, etc., I have so many pieces of my life pulling me in different directions that I always need to be diligent to my ultimate priorities so that in the end I can look in the mirror and honestly say to myself “job well done.”

Chere’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious! Through her positive presence and thoughtful direction I feel that she helped me to re-center my priorities and set a course for not only my career, but my life. By doing career/life coaching with Chere I feel now that I am better equipped to enter into my future embracing what I truly feel are important areas to spend my time. 

Sandy Kipp