Wins from Coaching

  • Believing in myself
  • Getting clarity on my real wants & dreams and taking the first step toward them
  • Recognizing the parts of my personality that could slow me down or hold me back
  • Wanting is not enough, we have to be open & willing to receive by believing we are worthy of what we want

One Big Inner Change

Chere really showed me that what I want is possible. She gave me permission to think big & outside the box and then I was able to step into that and give myself permission too. It was OK to want what I want, even if it seemed undoable at the moment. There is always a way! And when something “big” happens that could seem to derail you from your vision, it’s not a denial it’s just a delay. Also you must go where it’s uncomfortable because that equals growth and change and the pathway to your dream.

Chere gave me the support that aided my courage to take the very first steps toward being an entrepreneur. With her, I reached out to people I never would have on my own. She helped me get creative and think of my options. I made connections that gave me valuable insight and clarity on what I really wanted to do in my business. When I got derailed due to a life circumstance and had to temporarily pause my entrepreneurial journey, it was that groundwork I did with Chere that kept me holding the vision and brought me back years later 100% committed to go after my dream again, which today I’m living. If you want someone who’s got your back but who will also push you into the unknown so that you can go further, Chere is it.

Rebecca Schauer

Registered Dietitian, Blogger