Peggy Pratt, PhD, RDN, LDN

Wins from Coaching

  • Increased confidence about the direction of my business
  • Received needed accountability
  • Brainstormed ideas for future business growth and personal happiness
  • Made time to think about my true life passions

One Big Inner Change

After identifying my values, I was able to align my business and personal goals to support these values.  Chere helped me do the inner work of connecting these two concepts which helped me change my beliefs and begin to take needed action. 

I was able to research new areas of business growth to see if they fit my current business model.  The accountability piece of coaching with Chere helped me stay on track and stick to my goals.   I also began to look at my relationships and health behaviors in order to identify any areas of neglect.  From this introspective work I was able to look at my current schedule and figure out how to make needed changes with built in accountability.

Peggy Pratt