Wins from Coaching

  • Private practice taking off.
  • Worrying less and being more positive.
  • Move on and not be so stuck on little details or even big ones that I can’t change.
  • Putting me and my health first.

One Big Inner Change

Being a Type A person, I used to feel that I had to be on top of everything: the best dietitian, the best mom, the best wife and so on. I stopped trying to do a lot of things at once. I started saying, “no” to some opportunities that didn’t feel right for me. I am now much more in love with my life, my husband, and my kids.

It was great that Chere listened and being a RD, she knew what I was talking about and where I was coming from. The exercises she gave were not easy. It was difficult to find answers to some things about myself and why I think or do things the way I do. I’ve also learned so much about myself.

Nour Zibdeh

RDN | Nutrition Coach