Wins from Coaching

    • Gained the insight and courage to be able to leave a job which was affecting my health and taking too much time away from my family.
    • After my job resignation, I found several consulting jobs which allowed a flexible, family-friendly schedule and were aligned with my interest in diabetes education and working with other cultures.
    • With the help of Chere’s coaching and The PRINT Assessment, I was able to identify which requirements I needed in order to feel happy and fulfilled in a job. This allowed me to ask the hiring managers specific questions and saved me from having to apply and interview for several jobs which I knew wouldn’t be a good fit.
    • I was able to identify my top life experiences and common values within these experiences. After gaining clarity about the top experiences and “loves” which contributed to my happiness, I was able to plan and schedule more of these experiences into my life on a regular basis.
    • Chere’s coaching and THE PRINT ASSESSMENT allowed me to become aware of when I was in “best self” and “shadow self” along with typical triggers. This helped both my personal and professional life by changing how I responded to certain people and situations in order to minimize triggers and remain within my “best self” as much as possible.

One Big Inner Change

I was able to quit a job that was affecting my health and no longer contributing to my happiness. I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and was able to achieve a greater life balance. I now have the courage and understanding to understand that I need freedom and flexibility in a job and am now focusing on my consulting jobs as well as building a private practice.

Words cannot express how much Chere has helped support me or improve my life. She was always extremely responsive to my numerous e-mails or calls in a very timely manner. She went above and beyond to try to help me with anything and everything related to life and career goals. All of the tools and techniques she used during coaching were extremely helpful for me to gain clarity about what I wanted and needed in a career. When I started coaching with her, I felt overwhelmed and confused about my career. I now have a much greater work/life balance as well as much more clarity about my life values and passions. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and she is one of the most inspirational and supportive women I have ever had the pleasure to meet or work with in my life.

Natalie Lomazov