Wins from Coaching

  • Intentionally make plans to do FUN things!
  • Increased self-confidence in personal and professional life.
  • Identified areas of my life that needed work and set goals to make changes.

One Big Inner Change

I started listening to what I needed. When I start something, I have a hard time not seeing it through, but as I progressed with trying to start my own business, I just realized I did not like it, but was still trying to make it work, thus it was creating chaos for my desired peaceful and harmonic life. Through Chere’s compassionate coaching and ability to recognize exactly what someone needs to hear, I came to realize that I did not enjoy owning a business and it is ok to stop something that is not working.

Chere helped me understand what I needed to pursue my peace and harmony. Prior to working with Chere, I constantly wanted to do what pleased others and that is still important, but now I can also say “no” and identify when something is the wrong opportunity and not for me. Chere constantly made me feel uplifted and encouraged as she would always let me know that she is one of my biggest “fans”. Her unwavering support increased my self-confidence and I am now starting a job in an area that I have been wanting to pursue for several years. 

Naomi May