Wins from Coaching

  • Letting go of the fear of failure, and focus on my unique skill set
  • Updated my website and restarted my newsletter and blog
  • Discovering my focus, what I believe in and want to offer my market
  • Gaining confidence to step out and communicate my message and make 8 connections this past week alone

One Big Inner Change

I no longer need convincing that I will reach my goals. I have a feeling of confidence that is real and that has empowered me to take focused action, and from that I am seeing results!

Chere helps you to zero in on your strengths and weaknesses and works with you to attain the goals you desire in order for you to have your dream life. Chere is your biggest fan, asks hard questions and allows you to be who you are while working towards your goals!

Madeline Basler

Real You Nutrition PLLC
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