Wins from Coaching

  • Took back control of time and now have balance in my life
  • Available for my family
  • Exercising has part of my lifestyle
  • Pursuing an entrepreneurial business in life and wellness coaching
  • Courage to make the changes I needed to be more fulfilled in my life

One Big Inner Change

I was able to rediscover myself and connect with my true beliefs and values. This gave me the drive I needed to move outside my comfort zone. I never could have achieved my true dreams without this inner shift.  It’s amazing how my whole outlook on life has changed and now I a living a life with purpose, fulfillment and passion.

Chere challenged me to move outside of my comfort zone and helped me to  create the professional and personal life that I thought was out of my reach. Knowing that I had Chere on my side gave me the confidence and support to grow. Thanks to Chere I have excelled personality and professional!

Linda Folken

Life and Wellness Coach