Wins from Coaching

  • Coaching allowed me to try new things
  • Think more creatively
  • See myself succeeding in areas I’d never thought possible
  • Overcome the barriers to success that I’d put on myself
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule, and make every day one to look forward to. No more just living for the weekends!

One Big Inner Change

Instead of dreaming of things I wished I could do in my business, I developed a belief in myself that they could actually happen. I stopped focusing on all the reasons things would never work, and instead followed a new path. The success I found was both exciting, empowering, and lucrative.

Working with Chere has shown me that I’m more capable of success than I ever dreamed. She helped me see what I could do, and guided me towards the steps to achieving it. She brought out my creative side, which allowed me to pursue new directions. My business, and the way I see myself, both grew in ways I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. Overall, my life is happier, and more fulfilling, because I worked with Chere!

Kim kulp

Registered Dietitian