Wins from Coaching

  • Started a Facebook page and twitter account to promote blog more
  • Started posting women’s health and nutrition related posts to Instagram
  • Talking about my plans and blog with others (previously kept it very hush hush)

One Big Inner Change

I understand and I recognize now the “why” of why I need stillness, being understood, being appreciated and feeling free. I am more accepting of my quirks and differences. I used to see these as weaknesses instead of things to honor and appreciate about myself so I can be as energetic and happy as I can be. I also have made creativity a priority in my life once again which has made me a lot happier.

Chere’s willingness to let me talk through a lot of answers to her questions helped me learn things about myself I would not have otherwise. I was allowed to fumble with words and babble without judgment. We cleared out the debris and laid a great foundation. If I had achieved my career goals just by following steps but not dealing with the stuff that gets in the way I would be totally dependent on formulas and having someone else tell me how and what to do. Chere equipped me with confidence for all my new exciting possibilities.

Kendra Tolbert