My TOP Wins!

  • I came to believe that RDs can make money in a world that does not consist of traditional job roles such as food service, clinical and community nutrition
  • I found the courage to leave my 11 year VA clinical inpatient job to own my own business so I could focus on helping clients be the boss of their health and wellness
  • Focused on my gift of curiosity and passion to “investigate” and became the Food Sensitivity Detective
  • Continue to build my confidence while improving my skills to “shut down” the negative talk

One BIG Inner Change:

I was living with negative energy, allowing this to drive my thoughts and my days. Once I started coaching with Chere I worked on shifting my mindset and it was then that I could see and focus on the positive.  I learned to trust in becoming a deliberate attractor and creator. I learned that when you focus on the positive the universe sends what you desire and what you need at that time.  Over the many, many months of coaching with Chere I also learned self-compassion as I became a new entrepreneur.  It’s ok that I don’t know everything and it’s ok if I never do, it’s also ok if I make mistakes because my mistakes are there to become learning experiences.

Hiring Chere was the first and best decision I made as I started my journey to becoming an entrepreneur.  She was the voice I needed to give me boosts of confidence, to move me into a mindset that allowed me to believe that I could do it!  Her coaching style always focuses on positive personal and professional wins so I could always know what I had accomplished and how I continued to move forward. For me this was so helpful because many times accomplishments get buried in the day to day busyness of work and life. This allowed me to be proud of me!

Kathleen Oswalt