Wins from Coaching

  • Getting more sleep/exercise
  • More realistic with what I can do in a day and feeling okay about it!!
  • Setting boundaries with my schedule – ie. permission to say NO!
  • Scheduling more of what works for my personality and hiring others to do what doesn’t
  • I have gone from starting a private practice to starting an eating disorder treatment center! I have a business partner and a a strong team of 8 therapist and dietitians. We are doing more than I could ever have imagined and I am making more money than originally planned!

One Big Inner Change

I have truly changed my personal dialogue. I am no longer allowing “no” statements. I have an “in process list” vs. a “to do” list. I schedule my priorities not my time. I have more chaos than I have ever had in my life but I feel the most grounded, aware, and confident. I now feel myself balancing every day…and it feel GREAT!

I would never be where I am today without Chere. Chere pushed me out of my comfort zone. She asked tough questions, that I HAD to answer, and then held me accountable to living my best life. She believed in me and this process before I did – her unwavering faith in me and this process was what I needed to take the leap. She gave me the confidence to see all of the opportunities I would not have otherwise seen. 

Kate Yonke

Registered Dietitian
Eating Disorder Specialist