Wins from Coaching

  • Differentiating between what I want to do vs. what I should do.
  • Building the confidence to start my own business.
  • Pursuing my yoga teaching certification.
  • Getting clear on my values.
  • Following my dream!

Chere’s lively spirit and high energy is contagious and leaves you feeling motivated and energized to start living your life to the fullest. She helped me let go of what I thought I “should” be doing and coached me to embrace what I really “want” out of my life and career. I now feel I have a stronger understanding of my values and personal needs, which helps paint a clearer picture for my career path and life. Throughout coaching, Chere became my cheerleader, my #1 fan, and a dear friend. I’m so grateful for our time coaching together!

Kara Lydon

Nutrition Coach & Consultant | Speaker | Writer | Spokesperson Certified Yoga Instructor Email:
Phone: 716.200.3236