Wins from Coaching

  • I was able to gain a better work life balance and maintain it as I grew my business.
  • I created more fun in my life which included entertaining, travel and a regular golf league.
  • I prioritized my exercise that used to ebb and flow based on my “busyness.”
  • I learned how to protect my family time by shutting down work, having more fun and travel with my husband and participating in retreats that have deepened my spirituality and friendships.
  • I wrote a second book, revived my private practice, started a podcast, starting speaking at national and international conferences and organizations, began a passive revenue stream with my website and created educational opportunities for parents and professionals.

One Big Inner Change

I was on a fast track to success and was working too much and was not having fun. I had sacrificed it all for my work. I was able to craft a new work life balance and maintain despite amazing work opportunities and big distractions.

In order to have a successful business I discovered my personal life must be fun and restorative and not crazy. I recognized how my personality, temperament and motivators influence my work and how to keep my priorities front and center in my life. My successful business is a reflection of a happy, fun, smooth-sailing personal life. I have achieved more than I could dream!

Chere has a keen ability to narrow the focus to your personal priorities, your drivers and your goals for work-life balance. She blends that information in a way that helps clear the clutter and keep your focus on the work-life balance that will help you succeed in all avenues of your life.

 Jill Castle

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