Wins from Coaching

    • Achieved a busy nutrition counseling practice
    • I now have regular public speaking engagements which serve to give me a break from my “norm”, meet new people, have fun, and provide supplemental income

One Big Inner Change

I always have a mindset of the “big picture” – how to balance my work and home life and maintain that balance when things get more hectic at work

Chere helped me as I started my journey into private practice. I was uncertain of a lot of things. She offered me guidance around how to effectively and efficiently grow my practice by strategically developing relationships with people who were already in my life professionally as well as physicians in my community that eventually became steady referral sources. I also had a lot of really valuable information that I was just sitting on, or using for a limited audience. She provided me guidance on how to reach a larger audience and share my message with more people, which has helped bring in more income and with career satisfaction! She is motivating and high energy – I’d say those are probably the things that are most important about a coach and she is the epitome of both!

Jennifer Teems Seay 

Nutrition Educator, Outside In Nutrition, LLC