Wins from Coaching

  • Learning more about myself, what motivates me and what my needs are. By understanding these things, I finally have clarity on why I do things the way I do and helps me understand my feeling better.
  • Finally realized my goals for my career
  • Working to see the positive side of every situation
  • I was not taking any time for myself either for self-care or for fun and I no longer feel guilty about taking that time.

One Big Inner Change

I am more present in my life and with my family but at the same time I have realized that every moment doesn’t have to be perfect for my kids to have fun memories of their childhood. I try to focus my time and energy on what memories I want to create for them.

I’m not sure how to explain it or how exactly the transformation came about (I think it was all the little steps and recommendations Chere made) but I feel “lighter.” I don’t feel so much pressure on myself to get tasks accomplished and I’m not dragged down by negative thoughts and emotions. I have been able to give myself grace. Before starting I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and after coaching I have a new outlook on life. I don’t know how you couldn’t after working with Chere because she is so upbeat, positive, and uplifting. I always looked forward to our appointments and always ended our time together feeling better than when we started.

Jennifer Smith