Wins from Coaching

  • Managed a very difficult and demanding schedule so I could meet family needs and attend to my work duties.
  • Tuned into my needs.
  • Discovered what motivates me and was able to use that knowledge to complete projects.
  • Prepared for FNCE in a more calm and focused way.
  • Embraced certain personality traits that I was once critical of.

One Big Inner Change

A big shift for me was learning to accept myself, quirks and all, and embrace those quirks as a part of who I am. The Print Assessment was crucial in that process, and I was able to understand my motivators and use them to my advantage. I feel calmer, much more in control of my schedule, and less critical of myself .

Chere helped me discover, focus on, and embrace all of my talents instead of berating myself, holding my expectations too high, and focusing on my weaknesses.

Faye Berger Mitchell

Editor-In-Chief Foodie On Campus