Wins from Coaching

  • It made me realize that when I execute on what I know and are good at, I can feel more free and confident.
  • I’ve learned to relinquish the self-doubt and have the confidence to have my own business.
  • I am meditating daily to help deal with stress and realizing that insecurity creeps in when
  • I’m not living the present moment.
  • I’ve gained the courage to make the changes I needed to be more successful in my life.

One Big Inner Change

Chere challenged me to move outside of my comfort zone and self-doubt and helped guide me to come up with ideas to create and build a business and career that I have always longed for but have been hesitant to start.

I always looked forward to having my coaching with Chere! Thanks to Chere, she is always supportive, motivating and uplifting. I was able to take the tools and lessons I’ve learned from my coaching with Chere and apply it to my business and personal life. I can’t thank her enough! She is a true mentor.

Evette Khaew

Registered Dietitian