Wins from Coaching

  • Understanding that I have needs and values and that I am my best self when those needs and values are acknowledged and met.  And, that it is okay to want them to be met!I am able to identify doubt and squash it. When you take away the doubt, my possibilities are endless!
  • Better self- compassion
  • Taking time every day to reflect on all that I am grateful for
  • Helping me find the courage and inner confidence to be a Juice Plus dietitian in conjunction with my private practice
  • Partaking in the WellCoaches® curriculum

One Big Inner Change

I am a pleaser by nature, as well as a perfectionist.  I have always put everyone else’s needs before my own and would find myself feeling frustrated that I wasn’t accomplishing my own goals, dreams, and wants in life.  Chere helped me recognize that my needs are valuable and that if they are not met, that I will never be the mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend or dietitian that I want to be.  Just like we are instructed to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first when flying, Chere reminded me that I need to take care of myself too.

“Above all, Chere was my #1 cheerleader!  She was my professional rock when I felt the turbulence of private practice and trying to find the work and life/family balance.  She will always be a cherished mentor and friend of mine.  Thank you, Chere!” 

Cristin Wipfler