Wins from Coaching

  • I have more positive energy and look at things differently in life
  • An enriched marriage as I stand up for myself more and teach my husband how to treat me.
  • Diet suggestions to help me lost those last 5 stubborn pounds. (even though I am a RD)
  • Giving myself credit for all the wonderful accomplishments I have achieved in the professional world.
  • I am a better wellness coach.
  • Creation of a sacred space so I can allow for me time and actually enjoy being selfish.

One Big Inner Change

She showed me that I need to be needed and live with a purpose and help me define that purpose.

Chere has that flare to make you feel good but she also gives you homework to continue to work on things that you need to.
Life is a bowl of Chere and it’s filled to the brim with goodness and happiness The bonus? She uses the Law of Attraction.

Cindy Gates