Barbara Spalding, MA, MS, RDN, CDN

Wins from Coaching

  • Made a successful transition from former career to new career.
  • Emboldened me to embrace my role as an RDN and gain the confidence I needed to start over in an entirely new direction.
  • Explored different ways to be a dietitian.
  • Learned to blend my personal life with my professional life and find better balance between my different roles.
  • Learned to take care of myself first and manage my ongoing chronic disease while pursuing my new career.
  • Discovered my purpose.
  • Created accountability for meeting my goals.

One Big Inner Change

Gained the self-confidence to successfully pursue my new career while managing  living with a serious disease. I’ve lived with chronic breast cancer, on and off, for over 14 years.

Chere guided me through the challenging transition from being an insurance broker and entrepreneur to become a successful and inspirational role model for women to build their resilience and overcome their fears whether health related or otherwise.  Hiring her as my coach was one of the best career moves I’ve ever made. She believed in me, taught me to live my life with joy and pursue my passion.  Thank you Chere for setting me on my new and exciting path. You are an amazing coach, friend and mentor.

Barbara Spalding