Wins from Coaching

  • Found my niche and started marketing to my ideal clients
  • Increased business revenue
  • Increased presentation opportunities
  • Started prioritizing the important things in my life

One Big Inner Change

Coaching helped to increase my confidence when it came to running my own business while keeping up with all of the other aspects of my life. This included prioritizing myself and my values so that I could be a better practitioner for my clients, a better friend and a better spouse!

Starting your own practice can be challenging, but working with Chere made the experience fun, rewarding and exciting! Chere was my biggest cheerleader and helped me understand the value of the services I am providing. Working with Chere helped me to focus on my goals and build my business, while guiding me to do work that I am truly passionate about. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Chere’s expertise and support! 

Allison Tepper