As a motivational speaker, I love igniting the energy of a group and helping them realize they can give themselves permission let go of the drains on their energy, money, relationships, and health.

Seeing the a-ha moment when they discover an entirely new perspective is one of my most rewarding moments! With the fresh ideas and practical tips they receive from my talks, audiences feel inspired to care for their own spiritual, emotional, and physical health, and live on purpose—with no regrets!

Customized Presentations for Your Audience

I offer several popular motivational speaker presentations, but no two are exactly the same. I customize each talk by connecting in advance with several audience members, then applying proven coaching and Law of Attraction tools to their unique situations. Audiences respond to my passion, energy, and personal attention, and feel motivated to confidently take life-changing actions.

For professional dietitians, I keep up-to-date on industry trends so that I can stay a step ahead and give them new ways to think and advance in their career journey. My goal is to speak at every state Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual meeting.

Get Energized—and Empowered!

For my motivational seminars and as a keynote speaker for communities, health coaches, healthcare professionals, school cafeteria workers, business coaches, fitness professionals, and more, I focus on personal empowerment and finding ways to recharge energy. No matter who’s in the audience, I’ll connect with them and teach them to approach each day mindfully and joyfully, and enjoy a richer, more inspired life.

Most Requested Presentations

Healthy Self
Do you want confidence to make the decisions to create the life you always wanted? I’ll take you from a so-so life to a life you love and feels inspired.
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Creating Positive Energy for Change
My presentations convey passion, high-energy, and motivation that knocks audiences off their seats. This is my signature talk.
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Dietitian & Healthcare Industry Keynotes

Raising the Visibility of Dietitians
We all want to work with happy, healthy, motivated clients. I’ll teach the distinction between the traditional RD approach and the coach approach, plus how to engage every client to create sustainable change.
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Marketing You
Attracting client by being YOU! Learn how to schedule your priorities instead of prioritizing your schedule. Discover the number one secret to being time-rich instead of time-poor. Leave ready to manage your energy and enjoy your work- and downtime.
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Coaching Skills for Healthcare Workers
Discover the distinction between the traditional healthcare approach and the coach approach. Learn why coaching provides lasting sustainable change. Learn how to create a new mind-set, instead of “I just want you to tell me how to do this!”
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