The Power of Appreciation – The Key to Standing Out in the Crowd

Everyone I know wants “success” however they define it. But, have you ever thought of what success means without special friends to enjoy and celebrate life with? I am known to say, “Relationships oxygenate life,” and who really cares about “the money or the job” if you can’t share it with people you love.

William James a well- known psychologist said, “The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.” Our deepest needs are to be accepted, acknowledged and appreciated. We manage what we measure. Do you measure how you make people feel or how they make you feel?

We care when our friends are fine and worry when they are not. We show people we care by the actions we take. My favorite way I show people I care and appreciate them is by leaving a singing happy birthday voice mail. I love doing this but LOVE it even more when people call me and sing happy birthday. (Thank you sweet sisters and Tim Thoma!

Every year on my birthday, my God mom Aunt Doris calls me and plays happy birthday on her violin. Isn’t she a beauty! She is 89 years young!

Many  years ago my friend Justine Philllips (whom I met in aqua aerobics class and always came 20 or 30 minutes late and disrupted class EVERY time) called and left me a happy birthday singing voice mail. For two months I played Justine’s deep male-sounding voice singing me happy birthday. I was stumped! It was Justine Phillips! She got me.

Justine happily retired from Carver County and began to teach at a college. She was born to be a teacher as she taught all of us how to live outrageously. Shortly after she “refired” with her new college teaching profession she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had treatments and a huge bra burning ceremony that was written up in the local paper and she seemed to get better.  Her breast cancer returned.

I have certain birthday dates set in my Outlook to remind me to call and sing happy birthday. February 4th was Justine’s birthday. I was too busy and I didn’t call. Every day the reminder came up and every day I was going to call. I was too busy, or needed to “do it later.”

Justine died on February 16th, without me singing happy birthday! Years later I still have her birthday reminder set in my Outlook. I lost! I lost out on connecting with Justine one last time. When was the last time you let your friends know that you love and care about them? When was the last time you told them why you appreciate them?

When you smile, or give a sincere compliment you are making the recipient’s world a better place. At the end of the day we all want to simply give and receive love.

Showing appreciation is a way to get ahead in your work world. People have to know, like and trust you. Is there an easier way to get to know people then to appreciate them?

Positive words beset more positivity (the secret to happiness.) Focus on what people are doing right instead of wrong. What you give you get in return.  The more you show appreciation the more people will appreciate you.

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Justine held the patent on making a late and grand entrance and she now holds the patent on not taking the next day for granted. Emails and stuff can always wait. So, remember to keep special people close to you before it is too late! My coaching advice for you is to live today to your fullest with no regrets because your tomorrow is not promised.

How do you show your appreciation to others? We can’t wait to hear!