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October, 2011

Your Intuition Never Lies | Broccoli Cupcakes

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3 Lifestyle Choices and Breast Cancer Risk and Actions to Take
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Your Intuition Never Lies
Broccoli Cupcakes
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Your Risks:

  1. Weight gain of 55 pounds or more since age 18
  2. Two or more alcoholic beverages a day = 33% greater risk
  3. More than 5 hours of vigorous exercise a week = less likely to develop breast cancer

Your actions to take:

  1. Eat when you are physically hungry, not emotionally hungry
    Ask HALT. Am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired? Eat when hungry.
  2. Drink 1 alcoholic beverage a day. 1 = 5 ounces of wine, 12 ounce beer, 1.5 ounces 80-proof liquor
  3. Decide you move your body 5 days a week. On Sunday night know your 5 days. Schedule them.



What brought you to coaching?
To not feel so scattered, but more focused. To enjoy life and not feel like everything is a chore.To be more courageous in finding happiness in my career

What do you consider your wins?

-Lifestyle wins - Adopting better night time routine of winding down for bed earlier and then reading before shutting off lights
-Health wins - Eating more fruits/vegetables; exercising more consistently and frequently
-Emotional and Relationship wins - I feel more confident in myself, in my respect for myself, and in my respect for others.
-Career wins- I’m more open and “adventurous” to exploring interesting career opportunities available, whereas before I would let them pass me by. Overall, I feel more motivated.

Chere, you have been invaluable to me! I came in to this coaching relationship not certain what to think or expect…I came out realizing how much you have helped me! You identified things and posed questions that never came to my mind. And, here I was thinking I had it all figured out and no one could help me! HA! Boy, was I wrong!!

For quite some time, I was searching for answers to why my life was feeling so chaotic and imbalanced. I thought surely I could find these answers myself over time. And, perhaps I could have. But, I don’t think I would have really dug deep enough as I have during the time spent coaching with you. You helped identify many things about myself that have helped me in my quest to find life balance. THANK YOU, Chere!

Chere’s note: S was a “hard worker” who enjoyed perfection, which meant she never enjoyed “fun” unless she was caught up with her “to do” list, housework, etc. She was a slave to tasks and her schedule. We focused on energy management not time management. We discovered her personal needs. One need was to accomplish. S started “accomplishing” joy and fun. She created the best summer of her life. She had drive and persistence and of course “worked hard” on her coaching homework and achieved all of this in only 5 months of coaching and only once a month.

Quit waiting to be happy and healthy and call me today 952 937 5697 to set up your 30 min energy coaching session before the busy holidays. Maybe the BEST gift you can give yourself.


I invite you to join the Savor Your Life Today Fan Page. Quick ideas and recipes and tips for easy living.


August 24th, the big day…scheduled for cataract surgery. Yet something did not feel right. I just felt like I was rushing too fast into it and not listening to my gut. My intuition told me to get a second opinion.

So 6 days before surgery on August 18th, my half birthday, I saw another ophthalmologist, Dr. Gullingsrud. He told me my retinas were thinning and I was a big risk for cataract surgery. He said big risk but big reward. He was caring and honest and blunt. Not arrogant-blunt like some doctors I have worked with but caring-blunt. He said, “Your eyes are so off-the-chart bad they don’t make a lens implant for your eyes, why would they? They wouldn’t make any money?” I almost reeled over when I heard that. I was trying to discern if I should do “normal cataract surgery” which was covered by insurance or a multifocal lenses implant which would cost an additional $2000 per eye and a laser tweak of another $500 - $1000 per eye. Big money. Our retirement money. I was not even going to consider the more expensive lens implant but Gary encouraged me and told me this would be my ONLY chance to see better and I only have two eyes.

I listened to my intuition, cancelled surgery and Dr. Gullingsrud of Edina Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PA did the surgery on Oct 6, 2011. He knew he was my “second opinion doctor.” He told me finding the right doctor is like marrying someone. You make your best choice and take a risk and hope it will turnout good. I have done better than hope. So far so good. The night of surgery I saw the words on the TV for the first time in my life. I woke up the next day seeing the screen on my bedroom window. I alternate between breaking into tears crying with gratitude of what I can now see to being in a “mood” that I have to put drops in 4 times a day and am unable to see at night when I take my contact out of my bad eye. The bottom line, I am glad I listened to my intuition.

Everyone is born with intuition. What is it? It is an ability to get more information about people, places and things without using any data (RDs love that), logic (Gary loves that), your physical senses or previous knowledge. Your intuition whispers through seven intuitive senses.

Your Seven Intuitive Senses  

  1. Intuitive knowing is the ability to know information, without knowing how.
  2. Intuitive seeing is the ability to see images that flash, pause or roll in your mind's eye and "out in space", in visions and dreams, without using your physical eyes.
  3. Intuitive hearing is the ability to hear sounds in your temporal lobes, inner ear, heart and "out in space", without using your physical ears.
  4. Intuitive feeling is the ability to perceive information within your body, through feelings and sensations, without external stimuli.
  5. Intuitive tasting is the ability to taste substances, without putting anything in your mouth.
  6. Intuitive smelling is the ability to smell scents, in your inner nose and "out in space", without using your physical nose.
  7. Intuitive speaking is the ability to speak abrupt, insightful sayings, without thinking what to say.

Read more about how to access your intuition and how to win a $10.00 Starbucks gift card when you share how you have used your intuition.

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Broccoli Cupcakes

Real food can taste great! Meals and foods with vegetables can be more satisfying than plain white carbs. This recipe contains your traditional muffin with a kick of nutrition. My godson Daniel really enjoyed helping me bake these muffins. What he enjoyed most was frosting them with the big tub of hummus on the deck. I would definitely classify these muffins as a fun food for adults and kids alike. This would be a perfect food to surprise your family with for Food Day on October 24th, 2011!

  • 1 C flour
  • 2 t baking powder
  • 1/4 t salt
  • 1/2 t seasoning salt
  • 1 t thyme
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 C olive oil
  • 1/2 C milk
  • 3/4 C finely chopped broccoli

Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease a muffin tin.

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. In a mixing bowl beat the egg and olive oil until smooth. Add in chopped broccoli and continue to mix. Add dry ingredients, alternating with 1/2 C milk until just combined.

Spoon the mixture into the muffin tin and bake for 20-30 minutes depending on your particular oven. Cool for 5 minutes and remove from tin.

Frost using the hummus of your choice.  Gary’s favorite is Sabra Roasted Red Pine Nut.

Sprinkle broccoli florets over the top.

Carlene Helble, my amazing dietetic intern gave me this recipe. She graduated from James Madison University in Dietetics and is currently a Dietetic Intern at Virginia Tech. She is marrying her high school sweetheart on Oct 14, 2011. She is VERY bright, accountable and full of zest for life.  She spices up my life! My hope one day is that she is the President of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Read more about Food Day on my blog.

Daniel enjoying frosting the broccoli cupcakes

Daniel's idea to take a picture of before and after cupcakes!

Love to see kids cooking and liking it!


If you are done waiting to be healthy, order your cookbook now. Health is hope and is hope everything! People are loving the roasted sweet potato recipe.

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Where is Chere savoring life?

Savoring is a quality that happy people naturally have in abundance.

Savoring = to mindfully engage in thoughts or behaviors that heighten the effect of positive events on positive feelings. There are 3 temporal forms of Savoring: (1) Anticipatory (2) In the Moment and (3) Reminiscent. We can savor a positive event before it happens by getting excited in preparation for it, we can savor the positive event as it event as it occurs and we can savor a positive event by remembering it. What are you savoring today?

Gary and I vacationed and used our timeshare in Sedona. The irony - Gary hurt his good knee on vacation and we were "condo and pool bound." But better than our Eden Prairie family room!

Laurie and Chere Nutrition Sisters

How lucky are we as Registered Dietitians sisters we are able to travel to the FNCE Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo every year! This year we enjoyed San Diego. Seriously, do they wear these beach hats in California? I cannot see how this would work kayaking in Minnesota. I would run into a loon!

One of my favorites sunsets is in Sedona, where you feel God.

On our trip home from Sedona we stayed in Glenwood Springs and ate at the Italian Underground Restaurant. Gary ordered the special – freshly made silician style sausage made by Ashton Durrett the owner. His daughter Cathryn was our waitress, and had so much fun talking to me that when Gary went to the bathroom she sat in his chair and talked about her life. An evening to remember! Check out this sweet restaurant when you are in Glenwood springs.

Where is Cherecoach in the media and speaking?

September 24, 2011, American Dietetic Association, (FNCE) Food and Nutrition Conference, Coaching Clients Up Mount Lasting Change with Margaret Moore, CEO of Wellcoaches®, San Diego, CA

October 11, 2011, Does Your Net Work Teleclass with Sonja Stetzler MA RD, Nutrition Entrepreneurs

October 12, 2011, Financial Health Teleclass, Caring Bridge, Eagan, MN

October 13, 2011, Article Chanhassen Villager, Tomorrow is Another Day

October 13, 2011 Coach U Newcomer Sig Successful Strategies and Systems for Blogging with guest Marisa Murgatroyd

October 28, 2011 Healthy Self, Fire of Hope, Mpls. MN

October 29, 2011, Minnesota School Nutrition Association 2011 Nutrition Conference, Secrets to Savoring Your Value Driven Life Plus Super Foods To Zest Up Your Journey

If you or your team are feeling overwhelmed, and out of time you need the presentation I have just developed — Tasting Life Balance In Your Value Driven World. This presentation uses the new Value Card deck to identify your values and get your time back. Call me today (952 937 5697) as I am booking events for January through April of 2012. Living your values will create energy and productivity. I promise!

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You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

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