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August, 2011

Real Friends: Cost Nothing, but are Priceless | Nectarine Salad

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Real Friends: Cost Nothing, but are Priceless
Nectarine Salad
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Answer yes or no to these five key questions.

  1. Does this relationship inspire me to be my best?
  2. Does this relationship provide 100% nonjudgmental support?
  3. Does this relationship bring out my best qualities?
  4. Do I feel emotionally energized from this relationship?
  5. Do I feel better about myself after I am with this person?

Relationship Grade: 5 Yeses = A+ Relationship, 4 Yeses = B Relationship; 3 Yeses = C Relationship; 2 Yeses = D Relationship; 1 Yes = F Relationship. Relationships oxygenate life or take your breath away. Which is it?


Many thanks to my subscribers and friends who called, wrote emails and cards and cheered us up last month. Here is a sampling of the energizers I received.

Rick Writes
Hi Chere. I enjoy your emails and remember meeting you and your family at the PGA Championship at Hazeltine in 2002. I've been reading your 'pearls of wisdom' ever since Rich Beem beat Tiger Woods by one stroke and collected $994,000.
Regards, Rick Wheeless
I can still remember meeting Rick on the bus ride at Hazeltine! And of course Rick would remember the day Tiger Woods lost.

Deb Writes
Hi Chere,
So sorry to hear about your father in law your note even made me want to cheer for the Packers (NOT my favorite team by a long shot!).
Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and sending you love...
Hugs, Deb
Deb, I can for sure see my father in law Howard smiling in heaven saying you want to cheer for the Packers living in Viking country.

Stan Writes
WOW, I read your story of how your summer has been going . . . . and wanted to give you a call or drop you an email to say ~ Hey, Hang in there, This too....Shall Pass!
Overall, sharing your experiences is a great way to teach and you do an awesome job in what you do!I sincerely appreciate all the great stuff you do and you are such a positive force in the universe.
Best regards always.
Stan Bien, WIC Director
Michigan Dept. of Community Health
Lansing, MI
I met Stan 30 minutes before my keynote for the MI WIC annual conference and in five minutes we knew we shared similar values.

Marijo Writes
I hope life is OK or at least a little better. You are always an inspiration.
On June 24th, Jim (my husband) had two grand mal seizures (I am not sure if that is the correct way to describe). During the seizure he broke a bone. He had never before had a seizure. Jim has had many tests and the Drs. cannot identify what caused the seizures. I think that is the good point. But he cannot drive for three months and I have to drive him. We are very happy for our blessing and enjoying each day.Chere, take care you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Marijo was a client for years and would rate her life “100” on a scale of 1 “not great” to 10 “fabulous.”

Kate Writes
Oh, Chere,
I am also so pleased that you too eat food like the quart of extra premium chocolate ice cream my brother/mother sent home with my son. It went in a week.
Everyone loves to read about Registered Dietitians overeating or pigging out.

Quit waiting to be happy and healthy and call me today 952 937 5697 to set up your 30 min energy coaching session.


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Real Friends: Cost nothing but are priceless
If you are like the average American, you make about 500 to 2,000 acquaintances throughout the year through work, volunteer and fun activities. Core friends, the ones you see regularly and know their first name average about 20 to 100. Intimate relationships where you share your most personal stuff usually involve 1 to 7 people at a time.

We found out Gary has amazing friends.  While working on the deck Gary fell on the wet grass this summer and ripped his quadriceps tendon off his knee. He had surgery and two days later his dad died. After Gary’s surgery we were gratefully amazed at his friends that came to support him.

His caring athletic twin friends, Scott and Tim Thoma, came to work on our deck floor on boiling hot days. Our perfectionist carpenter friend, Gary Bendzick, happily finished off the deck floor. Our “can do” nurse neighbor, Julie Zablowski, joyfully changed his dressing and took care of our life when his dad died. Always happy artist and friend, Georgia Kandiko and her Triathlator husband Joe, surprised us with a visit and a blueberry pie.

Are your key acquaintances and friends helping or hurting your personal and work life? As the book of Proverbs says, "A mirror reflects a man's face, but what he is really like is shown by the kinds of friends he chooses.”

Read more to learn how to create your team of the thirty people who support you no matter what and get a chance to win a $10.00 Starbucks gift card by sharing how your relationships energize your life.

Scott and Tim Thoma twin brothers full of compassion and kind works for others put a smile on Gary's face

Gary Bendzick our perfectionist carpenter friend always ready to help Gary and always with a smile

Georgia Kandiko & her Triathlator husband Joe baked us a blueberry pie

Julie Zablowski our cheerful can do neighbor nurse cheerfully changed Gary's dressing!

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Nectarine Salad From the 5 Ingredients for Healthy Living Cookbook

You can easily make the dressing ahead of time. We used lime juice but a squeeze of fresh lime would be awesome layered on top of the feta!

2 Tbsp lime juice
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
6 nectarines, pit removed and cut into thin wedges
8 ounces mixed greens
2 ounces feta cheese, crumbled

Whisk together lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Add nectarine wedges and toss to coat. Add salad greens and cheese and toss gently to combine. Adjust seasonings to your taste and serve immediately. Makes six servings.

Nutrition: 184 calories; 4 gm protein; 11 gm fat, 17.3 gm carbohydrate, 219 mg sodium

Salads are the perfect vehicle for EVVO. Read more about why olive oil is the “go to” oil in my kitchen.

My sister Michele's kids love fruits and veggies. Why Because she eats herself and serves them to Stevie Ray and Daniel. This salad is perfect for a busy day supper

Nectarine Salad..if you like greens, nectarines feta and lime you will love this salad combo


If you are done waiting to be healthy, order your cookbook now. Health is hope and is hope everything! People are loving the hummus recipe for their cabin weekends.

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Where is Chere savoring life?

Savoring is a quality that happy people naturally have in abundance.

Savoring = to mindfully engage in thoughts or behaviors that heighten the effect of positive events on positive feelings. There are 3 temporal forms of Savoring: (1) Anticipatory (2) In the Moment and (3) Reminiscent. We can savor a positive event before it happens by getting excited in preparation for it, we can savor the positive event as it event as it occurs and we can savor a positive event by remembering it. What are you savoring today?


Aunt Doris, Uncle Jack and my mom

The older I get the more I value family. Uncle Jack my “always fun uncle” celebrated his 80th birthday in July.

Chere, Pam, Karen, BJ, Debbie, Carolyn, Jen, Carol, Heidi, Sharon, Stacie, Lisa

What could be more fun than a Nutrition Entrepreneur Mpls Mini meeting with a dozen Registered Dietitians? We learned a lot about NHANES studies and what people really do eat, ate recipes from the 5 Ingredient for Healthy Living Cookbook and laughed!

Where is Cherecoach in the media and speaking?

Every time Cathy Lyle hires me I receive more than I give as a presenter to teachers and interveners who help the deaf and blind.

“Thank you once again for a wonderful, thought-provoking presentation. I love the energy and passion you bring to the topic. My favorite thing about your presentations is that you give the participants things they can do to change their lives for the better the moment they leave the room! Whether it’s buying a book you suggested or making a healthier snack choice, it’s there for the taking. I always feel I am giving my participants a special gift when I invite you to present.
Thanks again Chere… you’re the best.”
Cathy Lyle, M.S.
Education Consultant
Minnesota DeafBlind Project

Lindsay Hegg Inclusion Specialist
Cottonwood Elementary School, Vail, AZ,
Chere and Cathy Lyle, Minnesota DeafBlind Project
Cathy is leaving her legacy as Lindsay is her niece.

August 2011, Article Chanhassen Villager, Happiness…own your 40 percent

August 9, 2011 Caring Bridge Wellness Series – Healthy Eating Teleclass, Eagan, MN

September 1, 2011, Centennial School District, Back to School In-service for School District
Foodservice Staff, Ahhhh Attitude!!!, Lino Lakes, MN

September 20, 2011, Minnesota Recreation and Park Association Aquatics Conference,
My Energized Future Self keynote, Prior Lake, MN

September 24, 2011, American Dietetic Association, (FNCE) Food and Nutrition Conference, Coaching Clients Up Mount Lasting Change with Margaret Moore, CEO of Wellcoaches®, San Diego, CA

If you or your team are feeling overwhelmed, and out of time you need the presentation I have just developed — Tasting Life Balance In Your Value Driven World. This presentation uses the new Value Card deck to identify your values and get your time back. Call me today (952 937 5697) as I am booking events for December and early 2012. Living your values will create energy and productivity. I promise!

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You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

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