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June, 2011

Cultivate Happiness by Savoring Summer | Strawberry Spinach Salad

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Cultivate Happiness By Savoring Summer
Strawberry Spinach Salad
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  1. Sharing with Others This is the single strongest predictor of level of pleasure. Seek out others to share the experience and tell others how much you value the moment
  2. Memory–Building Take mental photographs or even a physical souvenir of the event and reminisce about it later with others.
  3. Self-Congratulation Don’t be afraid of pride. Tell yourself how long you waited for this to happen, and tell yourself how impressed others are.
  4. Sharpening Perceptions Focus on certain elements and block out others. Example: close your eyes while listening to music
  5. Absorption Let your-self get totally immersed and try not to think, just SENSE! Do not remind yourself of other things you should be doing, wonder what comes next, or consider the ways in which the event could be improved upon.



“Do you know that you are on my list of TOP TEN PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME FEEL GOOD?? Well, you are and thank you for coming into my life!!” —Christine Dolgos


“Thank you for the 50 Kcal foods. Had it not been for you, I don’t think I would have gotten some of the clients I am getting from this, so again THANK YOU Chere!” —Kim

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I’m busy savoring! The speed of life has slowed down in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s only 5:30 am and I am wide awake ready to JUMP out of bed and start my day. As I lay in Tyler's lower bunk bed surrounded by stuffed animals and look at the kids sleeping on the floor I realize I am savoring.

Savoring is defined as “awareness of pleasure and the deliberate conscious attention to the experience of pleasure.”* I lie there thinking of last night’s “Aunt Chere stories.” I dredge up stories from our travels, the grocery store (my favorite place after my garden) and people I have met. I struggle trying to stay awake and the kids saying, “Tell us another funny story.” Last night Hannah asked me to tell them the “funny tricycle story.” I will never know what is funny about me driving my trike down the basement stairs when I was two or three. Last night I told them maybe that wild ride down the basement stairs is why I am so bad in math. They laughed at that.

Hannah, Ty and Z and I all look forward to nightly Auntie Chere story time

Happiness studies show it is not the result of good genes or luck but that happiness can be created. Every year I create the Best Summer of Your Life Club. Members create a list of 14 activities they wish to do during the 14 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In looking through their lists I realize a theme developed…it was all about creating memories with people in their lives. Studies show that the very happy people spend the least time alone and the most time socializing and they rated highest on good relationships by themselves and also by their friends.

I am happy to share their best summer lists in the hopes you create your own savory summer.

I want to make 2 beach trips, one in June and another in July. I want to find a baby sitter so my husband and I can go kayaking in the Potomac river. And I want to take my toddler to a simple hike. I want to buy a bike and go riding since we're teaching the toddler how to use the tricycle. And most important of all: potty training!

Nour El Zibdeh with Khaled and Zayd

Read on to learn how to attract what you want and get a chance to win a $10.00 Starbucks gift card by sharing your best summer of your life list on our blog.


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Strawberry Spinach Salad

Summer brings strawberries (I call it nature’s candy) and spinach from your garden. All you need to make this salad are your pantry basics of olive oil and honey and you have got a salad ready to go. With only 5 ingredients this salad took 10 minutes to make for my mastermind club and St. Hubert’s Catholic Church Ambassador Picnic.

Strawberry Spinach Salad
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup olive oil
1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
2 cups sliced fresh strawberries, divided
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
8 cups fresh baby spinach

Combine honey, olive oil, mustard and 1 cup strawberries in blender with salt and pepper. Process until smooth. Combine spinach and remaining cup of strawberries in serving bowl and toss with dressing. Toss to evenly coat and serve immediately. Makes 8 servings

Nutrition: 180 Calories, 1 gm protein, 12.6 gm fat, 11.2 gm CHO, 189 mg sodium



Read on to learn more about the nutritional benefits of strawberries.

Berry easy and berry quick
nutrition to serve your guests

Robin Getman exclaimed, “I want that recipe”
as I served the strawberry spinach salad
to my mastermind group.


If you are done waiting to be healthy, order your cookbook now. Health is hope and is hope everything!

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Where is Chere savoring life?

Savoring is a quality that happy people naturally have in abundance.

Savoring = to mindfully engage in thoughts or behaviors that heighten the effect of positive events on positive feelings. There are 3 temporal forms of Savoring: (1) Anticipatory (2) In the Moment and (3) Reminiscent. We can savor a positive event before it happens by getting excited in preparation for it, we can savor the positive event as it event as it occurs and we can savor a positive event by remembering it. What are you savoring today?

Treasured family time. All seven of us together again.
Celebrated Dad’s Flag Day Birthday and Zach’s birthday. Zack loves green!


Where is Cherecoach in the media and speaking?

National Speaker Association MN Chapter Press Release for Volunteer of the Year

Chere Bork, president and founder of Savor Your Life Today, was awarded the chapter’s Volunteer of the Year for volunteering above and beyond the level expected of a member. She is a registered dietitian, motivational speaker, wellness consultant and life coach. Her seminars have reached over 40,000 people.

My fav of the evening...the dessert matched my dress

Have co-facilitated the NSA MN Apprentice Training Program with Gaye Lindfors for three years. Gaye and I feel everyone has a special story to share to make a difference in the world. This award too my breath away. I couldn’t even talk!! (Gary says that never happens)

June 2011, Article Chanhassen Villager, Nothing wrong with being “way too happy”

June 23, 2011, Advanced Interveners, Minnesota Low Incidence Project. Five Ingredient Living. Wildwood Lodge, Lake Elmo, MN

June 25, 2011, Flying Dentists Association National Convention. Five Ingredient Living keynote, Madden’s on Gull Lake, Brainerd, MN

June 28, 2011, Caring Bridge, Wellness Series – Physical Activity Teleclass, Eagan, MN

June 29, 2011, Barr Engineering, Tasting Life Balance in my Value Driven World, Minneapolis, MN

If you or your team are feeling overwhelmed, and out of time you need the presentation I have just developed — Tasting Life Balance In Your Value Driven World. This presentation uses the new Value Card deck to identify your values and get your time back. Call me today (952-937-5697) as I am booking events for late Summer and Fall. Living your values will create energy and productivity. I promise!

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I am a proud Member of the National Speaker Association

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