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January, 2011

Minimize Tolerations and Maximize Happiness | Breakfast Quinoa

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E-Newsletter, January 2011

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. The purpose of this monthly ezine is to empower you to take charge of your health, have more work/life balance to create more time for YOU, and to fully taste the life you love.

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5 Ways to Eliminate Tolerations
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Minimize Tolerations and Maximize Happiness
Valentine's Present
Taste Life Balance January Recipe - Breakfast Quinoa
Where is Chere Speaking?

Five Ways to Eliminate Tolerations

  1. Decide.
    Make the decision you are done with tolerations so you have space and energy for what you do want.
  2. Do it.
    Eliminate a toleration by taking care of it. Make that doctor’s appt or clean up that laundry room.
  3. Dump it.
    Cross it off your list if it is not as important as you once thought it to be. (I used to actually clean windows two times a year like my parents. I dumped that two or three years ago. Dumped dusting the house about 5 years ago on a regular basis.)
  4. Delegate.
    Have a friend do the task for you or hire it out. Sometimes your energy is worth more than your wallet.
  5. Due date.
    You manage what you measure. Set a date for taking care of a toleration and schedule your celebration date too.


What am I tolerating right now that is stopping me from being happy and healthy?

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“Today was an EASY day!! I got up and swam 2000 yards, which always makes me feel like a rockstar and then I got to work. I set a goal of 'doing 40 things' today w/ 5 high priority items for the morning and 5 for this afternoon. I have most of them complete and I've also done a load of laundry, a load of dishes and FINALLY got my brake pads fixed! There's nothing like ACTION to 'create' new energy, eh??

Oh, AND I invited an old friend out for coffee and bought her coffee...AND invited her over to have dinner so she can show us her Hawaii pictures. I think it totally made her day! (She's not working right now.) Anyway, I love my life today - thanks for the part that you play in that!” —D

Chere says, D got rid of lots of tolerations and has the energy to “do” his life. Can you tell he loves it!?

"It's so hard when I have to, And so easy when I want to."
~ Sondra Anice Barnes

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Another new year and another new start! Love that about January. Many people have already dumped their New Year’s resolutions because they have probably found they don’t have the time or the energy. What if before you created something new in your life you looked at the “old” in your life or the things that are bugging you? How can you start a new project or enjoy a new activity when you have all these things hanging over your head? Tolerations is a coaching term for things that irritate us because they need to be done, or removed, or changed, but we have not done anything about. Tolerations are things we 'put up with' in our lives and they drain us of energy. They range from a garage door opener that does not work, to a cluttered office or a relationship where you feel stuck. Maybe you are tolerating long working hours with no enjoyment or satisfaction or you are being dragged down by crossed boundaries or people’s behavior. People tolerate a lot without even realizing it. I liken it to an elevated blood sugar. They are invisible energy drains that create potential chaos in your life.

Helen is a coaching client and here is her list of her tolerations.
Dirty blinds, poor lighting in my office, book and magazine mess next to my bed, new camera and do not know how to use it, bored at my job, bumpy thighs, sitting next to my supervisor = yuck, always being late, need to paint my house, need to make my doctor appt.

You can see from Helen’s list that tolerations don’t have to be a big deal, in fact it is the little things in life that take away our energy.

Tolerations: Waste your time. Waste your energy. Stop you in your tracks or make you feel stuck. Make you feel like you can’t start the “next thing.” Make you feel incomplete or bad about yourself. Help you feel out of integrity. Keep you worrying about the past or future so that you can’t enjoy the present.

Eliminate tolerations now. Set your timer for 30 minutes.
What are the top 10 ten things you are tolerating in these areas:
Work/ Office
Identify one item on each list that you can begin working on right away.
Select the smallest one, or the one that is easiest to eliminate, first.
As you improve the situations and relationships in your life you will naturally tolerate less. I am totally confident you will find the energy to take care of tolerations so you have MORE energy, freedom and confidence this year that will maximize your happiness. You only have one life to live…imagine if it was one you loved!

Call to Action: Pick one toleration and take care of it in the next 7 days. Then pick another and another. See what happens. I'd love to hear on my blog

Gary and I have been married 29 years and are “de-brassing and de-papering” our house. I have asked my accountant Jeanne Matter how long do I need to keep old checks and bank statements? She happily created a list of individual record retention for you my Taste Life subscribers. Check out the list on my blog.

What is the opposite of toleration? Exuberance! We are estatic that Brett graduated early in December from the Univeristy of Iowa with an accounting degree. His graduation was memorable with me falling down and breaking my camera and Brett’s car having to get towed. Memorable!

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Celebrate with the Five Ingredients for Healthy Living Cookbook by my sister Laurie and I!

Valentine’s Day is love day. Food is love. What better way to show your valentine your love them with the 5 Ingredients to Healthy Living Cookbook. I would recommend this menu for Valentine’s day from our cookbook. Start off with our refreshing Strawberry Soup. Serve your valentine the melt in your mouth main course of Beef Tenderloin with Cherry Sauce and crunchy Dijon Roasted Potatoes. Savor a piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

All recipes are 5 ingredients (because there were 5 kids) and with nutrition analysis hand calculated by Laurie. Scattered throughout the cookbook are coaching tips for the five ingredient living– purpose, health, balance, energy and happiness as well as nutrition tips.

Order your cookbook now to show your valentine you love them or to be your own best valentine. Health is hope and is hope everything!



Breakfast Quinoa

Quiona is a super food loaded with nutrition that can fill you up, not out, stabilize your blood sugar, and help you with your weight. One cup of quiona has only 250 calories, 4 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein per serving. This is a “wow protein food” when you remember that one ounce of meat is 7 grams of protein. It is an energizing way to start your day.

2 cups milk
1 cup quinoa, rinsed
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Fresh fruit like blueberries or strawberries or your favorite

Combine ingredients in a saucepan. Bring milk to a boil. Add quinoa and return to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer covered until the milk has been absorbed. Takes about 15 minutes. Stir in the sugar and cinnamon if you desire. Cook until almost all the milk has been absorbed, about 5 to 10 more minutes.

Add more milk if needed until the desired consistency. Serve with fruit. You can add chopped nuts, or dried fruits and stir in your favorite sweetener like honey, or maple syrup. You can also place raisins or dried cherries or craisins in the milk and quiona and the milk will plump them up nicely.

Brent Gasser enjoyed the quiona. The Gassers joined us for Sunday brunch. A sign of a good recipe is when the college kids ask for the recipe to make it on their own. Brent is the owner of Yogi Bear Jellystone Park, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Go to the Taste Life blog to see how oatmeal compares to quiona and for more cooking ideas.

We enjoyed the new restaurant Mozza Mia with the Gassers.
Heather Brinker the executive chef was a student of Cate Gassers
who was my sorority sister at UW Stout.

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J and C Speaker School w Janie Jasin and Chez Raginiak

Do you want a 2 minute video, or 15 minute keynote or want to create products?
Then, check out their next class. They provide practical knowledge with warm over the top enthusiasm and hope and you leave with a product. Plus you have tons of fun and feel supported and loved!


Know you know why this ezine is coming out the last week of this amazingly fun busy productive month!

Need some energy and enthusiasm for your next event. Last weekend I created a new keynote called ENERGY which is filled with energy stories, humor and a call to action. Call me today (952-937-5697) as I am booking events for spring and the summer. Positivity is the secret to being happy and happy employees are productive employees.

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You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

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