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June, 2010

Relationships are Your Most Important Investments | Brett's 5 Ingredient Salsa

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E-Newsletter, June 2010

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Top 5 Relationships in your Life
Coaching Question that Could Change Your Life
Tasting Life Real People Examples
Relationships are your Best Investments
Taste Life Balance June Recipe - Brett's 5 Ingredient Salsa
Where is Chere Speaking?


Relationships are an investment in your time and energy. Healthy energizing relationships are based on honesty, trust and integrity. Are the following relationships in your life full of honesty and trust and allow you to live authentically and be the real you?

  1. With God or your Higher Power?

    This relationship is all about trust and faith.

  2. With your Spouse or Significant Other?

    Is the relationship about you or them?

  3. With your Planet?

    Are your values congruent with how you care for nature and your environment?

  4. With your Stuff?

    Do you value your stuff or space more?

  5. With Yourself?

    Lucille Ball says, “Love yourself first and everything falls in line.”


What action will I do differently to insure the top three relationships that are important to me get the energy and time they deserve?

Since 1999 I have had a hard time describing what transpires during a coaching session. Coaching is an experiential process as well as an intellectual one. Talking about coaching isn't the same thing as being coached. Click here or call me at 952.937.5697 to reserve your complimentary, no obligation, 30-minute Coaching Session. If you are ready to take action towards obtaining the life you really want this is your first step.

Experience coaching first hand and create an action plan that will help you move forward with your goals and dreams. I guarantee one tip, tool, question or strategy that will give you more energy, balance, focus, happiness or health.


You just never know whom you “touch” as my client Cathy says, “When you give you have!”


“Chere, You might not remember me but I'm the one who was helping you with pictures in Target. I have not had time to do any emailing. Just getting in a little now. I've been out in AZ and coming home for a few days or week at a time and you saw me one of those times. Thought I might catch you at Target at the picture counter again. Been taking many pictures of my granddaughter and nieces babies and my brothers little one. I forgot what you told me a lifecoach is. Mentally or physically helping people? Hope alls well."
—Vonne S

Ask and it is given. Vonne seemed to know everything about pictures at Target. I would like to see her again at Target!


“Hi Chere, I received your post card and just wanted to say thank you. I really enjoyed meeting and speaking with you. You have left a lasting impression on me and I often think back to our conversation on the plane a month ago.”
—Brian Pudlo, AAI, The Merriam Agency, Schenectacy, NY

Brian and I talked the whole plane ride. Immediately I could feel his integrity and work ethic.


“The article you shared definitely reinforced what I believe and reminded me again that in order to live life I have to make intentional decisions to put space and balance and wonder into life and not allow the flurry and busy-ness and frantic call of urgency to impede my sense of wonder, delight and joy! Until next time!”

“The number one relationship is with you —
you have to like you before you can like others!”

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Relationships are your Best Investments

I just returned from a 10 day trip to Milwaukee, savoring time with my cherished family.
We celebrated my Dad’s 81st birthday, Zach’s birthday, and also I attended Hannah’s dance recital. We biked, walked, and by far the number one activity was talking about nothing and everything. I moved away from my family 28 years ago. I feel so loved when I am there that on the car trip back the first hour or so I struggle with tears and thoughts of “Chere why did you move away from your family?” After one of the longest road trips of my life, with a literal standstill on the freeway for one whole hour, I finally made it home. Within minutes of arriving home, my neighbor Julie yelled, “Welcome Home!” I went into my house and kept asking myself, “Is Eden Prairie really my home? Where is my home?”

Within a day of being home, friends started to call and asked me to hang out with them.
For days, I continued to noodle on the question, “Where is my home?” Everyone longs to be connected and loved. In fact, several studies have concluded that at the end of life only two questions are most important to people: Did I give love and did I receive love?

Brilliant Martin Seligman Ph.D., author of Authentic Happiness, studied the lifestyles and personalities of the happiest people. He studied 222 college students and measured happiness rigorously using six different scales. He then focused on the happiest ten percent. The “very happy” people differed from average people and unhappy people in one key way: a rich and fulfilling social life. The very happy people spent the least time alone and the most time socializing. They are also rated highest on good relationships by themselves and also by their friends. Research also suggests that more happiness actually causes more productivity and a higher income. Happier people receive better evaluations and higher pay. Many other studies show that happy people have more close and casual friends, are more likely to be married and are involved in more group activities than unhappy people.

Close relationships can act as medicine. Study after study has shown that relationships and social support are crucial and can even influence cancer and heart disease. It makes sense. We are social human beings so in order to live a whole healthy life we need to be connected to community.

When you intentionally create your best life you automatically get more tuned into the quality of your relationships. Relationships are an investment of your time and energy so you need to invest wisely. Energizing high quality relationships make you feel good about yourself. So, what makes a high quality relationship? Take this test and find out.

Relationship Quality Test
Think about one person in your life. Ask yourself:

  • Does this relationship inspire me to be my best?
  • Does this relationship provide 100% nonjudgmental support?
  • Does this relationship bring out my worst qualities?
  • Do I feel emotionally energized or drained from this relationship?
  • Do I feel better about myself after I am with this person?

Create your community. Plan some time to just hang out with people. Get together to talk, take a walk or a bike ride. Remember hanging out does not always have to involve food. Relationships take time. You cannot move from an acquaintance to friend without spending time together. Make key relationships a higher priority and you will see your life satisfaction and happiness rocket up.

I feel invested in healthy relationships in Minneapolis. Despite living 300 miles away from my family, Minneapolis is my home, where I am surrounded by people whom I love and who love me back. Don’t let a busy “media absorbed day” take away all your time and attention from what really matters. Your challenge: reconsider your choices on how and with whom you invest your time. I would love to hear more about your relationship investments on my blog. With a smile, Chere!



Brett’s Five Ingredient Salsa

Brett was home one week and had cooked his salsa recipe two times.  I have experimented with many recipes and think his is really the easiest and does taste the best.

Salsa means tomatoes and tomatoes mean summer.  I am already excited to pick my first tomato.  This summer, we have seven tomato plants including one Topsy Turvey that yielded about 20 tomatoes last year. In a few weeks we will be picking our tomatoes and able to make Brett’s Salsa.

3 tomatoes, finely chopped
2 medium onions, finely chopped
2 jalapeno peppers, finely chopped
1/4 bunch cilantro, finely chopped
Lime juice, 1/4 cup

Combine all ingredients and add lime juice to taste. For more zip you could add another jalapeno according to Brett. We found Gary sneaking and eating Brett’s second batch of salsa.

Store your tomatoes at room temperature. Read more about the health benefits of tomatoes on my blog.

Tomatoes taste best at room temperature. Buy your tomatoes and store them at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Leave them on the counter to ripen as their flavor is very sensitive to the cold and does diminish when you refrigerate them.  If you need to ripen them quickly for your favorite recipe place them in a paper bag with a banana or apple. The fruit gives off an ethylene gas that speeds up the ripening process. If your tomatoes are ready but you are not ready to cook with them, place them in the warmest part of your fridge which is usually your butter compartment.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which protects your cells from heart disease and cancer. Dr. Edward Giovannucci with the Harvard School of Public Health reviewed 57 studies that showed the more tomatoes one ate, the lower the risk of cancer. The evidence was strongest for cancers of the prostrate, lung and stomach. Buy the reddest and darkest tomatoes available as these have more lycopene in them. Tomatoes are that are processed contain even more lycopene because cooking breaks down the cell walls and releasing and concentrating the caroteinoids.  The beautiful thing about tomatoes they add color and health to our diet and are low in calories. One cup of tomatoes is only 38 calories and 2 grams of fiber.

Where is Cherecoach in the media and speaking?

June 4, 2010, Article Chanhassen Villager, “How I spent my summer vacation

Tasting Life Balance in a Time Starved World 3 hour workshop for Community Resource Center, Sacramento, CA

What participants loved best:

  • Chere was engaging and opened my eyes to ways to being happy
  • Interaction and fun activities to get my energy back
  • Laughter and fun to listen to with lots of real life wisdom
  • Chere’s energy level was outstanding and amazing

Their action steps to be taken:

  • Be able to say no without guilt or negative energy and be more conscious of what is really important
  • Pay attention to my energy highs and lows
  • Worry less about problems or other things in life
  • Practice saying, “That doesn’t work for me”

Maureen Clark, MS RD Director of the Health Division of the Community Resource Project, Inc. writes:

“Prior to the workshop, Chere took careful consideration of her audience and was genuinely interested in the mission and goals of our Agency. She worked to integrate her interviews with staff into her presentation. Speaking to a diverse group can be challenging. Chere’s creativity invited everyone to participate and feel connected. As noted by evals, Chere’s positive attitude and enthusiasm were contagious and helped staff “open their eyes” to being happy, taking the time for themselves and saying ‘”no” without feeling guilty. Chere provided tools to help staff assess what is working in their life. Her resources are invaluable when working in a high paced, high volume, high stressed work environment that provides services to low income families. Personally, Chere is a pleasure to work with. From the initial planning stages of this workshop, Chere was responsive, organized and committed to meeting our needs.” With gratitude, Maureen Clark, MS RD

If you enjoy these coaching tips on relationships and want to help others, please forward this issue to your co-workers, staff, family and friends. I appreciate your support. Missed an article? Visit the archived editions at http://letters.webvalence.com/sites/TasteLife/

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