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May, 2008

What Do You Value More? Your Stuff or Your Space? | Roasted Green Beans & Apricot Carrots

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E-Newsletter, May 2008

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. The purpose of this monthly ezine is to empower you to take charge of your health, have more work/life balance to create more time for YOU, and to fully taste the life you love.

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What Do You Value More? Your Stuff or Your Space?
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Clutter (my definition): Homeless stuff. Anything that does not have a permanent home.
(That would include stuff sitting on top of your dryer.)

  1. 3 THIRTY
    Spend 30 minute a day 3 days a week and just get rid of junk
    Schedule ahead like Monday, Wednesday and Friday 30 minutes after dinner.
  2. DumpTEN
    Take a grocery bag and get rid of ten things in one room or on one shelf. Don’t stop until you get ten. Want to be empowered? Do it again!!
  3. 2 RULE
    Have no more than two extra things of your stuff. 1 white shirt you wear all the time and 2 extra.
    Before you even open up email do your de-cluttering job or task. Emails will be always be there.
    Ever think that every SINGLE thing you bring into your house has “responsibility” and energy attached to it? You have to store it, take care of it, use it, or care for it. Do you want that much responsibility? Do you have energy for one more thing? I would much rather own a used car that is less responsibility than a new car that I worry about getting scratched.


Three questions for you stuff:

Do I use it?
Do I love it?
Does it hold a special memory?

You need to have “two yeses” to keep the stuff. —Chere

Since 1999 I have had a hard time describing what transpires during a coaching session. Coaching is an experiential process as well as an intellectual one. Talking about coaching isn't the same thing as being coached. Click here or call me at 952.937.5697 to reserve your complimentary, no obligation, 30-minute Coaching Session. If you are ready to take action towards obtaining the life you really want this is your first step.

Experience coaching first hand and create an action plan that will help you move forward with your goals and dreams. I guarantee one tip, tool, question or strategy that will give you more energy, balance, focus, happiness or health.


Jan is a coaching client full of creativity and enthusiasm for starting her own business. She shares an office with her husband. The clutter in their office has made her feel stuck! We coach about her “speeds of life”: on, off and the “joy speed” where you are mindfully living and in love your life. Read how she became “unstuck!”

“I think you really hit on something HUGE when you said…just stop, get out of the room (the office I share with John.) (That’s not exactly it but close.) I went down to the front room and looked around…it really is quite lovely. I took some books off of the shelf and carried some of my favorite books and the ones I use most for reference down there and begin to turn things around in my head and it felt light and free. And it doesn’t have to change overnight. It needs a new lamp and a couple of décor items but it can be done at a leisurely pace.

I can write at the dining room table and when I am done, put it away. I even have some ideas about a desk. I will call my sister when I get back. I was intimidated by the cost and thanks to you and helping me to shift (another friend came in and talked about painting the room etc.) my perception…it doesn’t need much at all…I can slowly find my way…I can work in peace and beauty now. My dogs can stay in the Joy room…they are joys to me…they are my heart.

Later I thought, if I wasn’t 'trying' to dig out of the 'office' I could just declutter an hour a day and walk away and not feel the pressure of trying to work in there.

Thank you Chere you are a God send to me.
Your 'stuffed to the gills' client."


“Even though we see each other rarely, I think about you often....I do believe I have and use the three secrets of happiness. My purpose is to serve others and to help give my grands enhanced self esteem...I do try and give love every day and each morning I start my day on the computer on a web site: www.gratefulness.org. This site gives me a gratitude word for the day. On this site you can also light a candle and walk (with your mouse) a labyrinth.....
A granddaughter was married here two weeks ago....fabulous....21 relatives were at the wedding....all the grands but one! It doesn't get any better than that.....love you dear heart," —Marn


"It's been several years (almost 5!) since I met you when you and your daughter visited my college. (She looks very happy in your newsletter, by the way!) I still love getting your newsletters, and they always come JUST when I need them most.

I was on the phone last night with my boyfriend (long-distance), saying how I've felt unhappy lately with some friendships in my life. Your newsletter reminded me that I can choose joy. I used to journal every night about 3 three things that had brought me joy that day. I think I need to go back to it! Thanks as always.”
— College Admissions Director


I am always on the lookout for new veggie recipes for my family and clients. When Pat Schwai Puestow, a fellow Milwaukee County dietetic intern friend from 1978 was coming to Minneapolis for a conference I thought it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with some veggies. They accompanied Marn’s Maple Mustard Salmon Marinade — my all time favorite salmon recipe! Thanks Marn!

Roasted Green Beans

1 pound fresh beans, ends trimmed and left whole
1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil
Penzeys Smoky 4/S Salt*

Preheat oven to 400F. Place green beans on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Drizzle green beans with olive oil and Penzeys salt, your favorite seasoning or salt. Toss to make sure all the beans are coated. Roast for 20 minutes, stirring halfway through.

* Why add salt to vegetables? I look at the sodium or salt in the whole meal. 1/4 teaspoon of Penzeys Smoky 4/S Salt provides 340 mg of sodium. It is great idea to eat 2,400 mg or less a day. If you are serving the rest of your dinner from foods “around the perimeter of the grocery store” meaning not processed you can certainly “afford” this teeny bit of sodium for the flavor boost it gives to your vegetables. Check it out: www.penzeys.com.

Apricot Carrots

A spoonful of sugar makes the carrots go down! This recipe is great if you are tired of plain carrots or are trying to entice someone to eat them. This recipe uses 2 tablespoons of fat. If you serve a lean source of protein, a healthy salad, another type of steamed plain vegetable and skip the trans fat processed foods, using real butter in a small amount is great! My motto…be real, not fake. However, I serve steamed carrots more often than these “fancy” ones.

4 cups carrots, cut into matchsticks
2 tablespoons butter or margarine (I use butter)
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons apricot preserves*

Cook or steam the carrots until tender. Drain. Mix together butter, brown sugar and preserves and stir into drained carrots. Remember 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables is one serving.

*You can use orange marmalade or any favorite jam or jelly that you would like for a change of pace for your carrots! You are eating carrots aren’t you? If you are going to pick one food group to eat more of..it should be vegetables. Why? They are inexpensive calories, full of anti-cancer phyto-chemicals and can make your feel full. 1/2 cup of cooked veggies or 1 cup raw is only 25 calories!


Ahh Spring! I know it is here when I hang Gary’s bike jerseys on the outdoor clothesline to dry. He waits all winter to bike outdoors and I wait to hang wash on the outdoor clothesline. Maybe it makes me really feel like a mom and wife…what I always wanted! Spring also brings the de-clutter mode. This weekend I spent time de-cluttering the office bookcase. I use what I call the “dumpTEN.” I took a grocery bag and stood in front of my office book case and tried to get rid of ten books. I did this three times — got rid of 30 books. That is a huge deal for me as each of these books were my friends at one time (key words: one time). When I have used the “dumpTEN” in the past, the white space of the bookcase gave me more energy than the words in the books I got rid of.

For my February birthday, I asked my college roommates to help me de-clutter my clothes closet. They were fast and deliberate and knew exactly what no longer belonged in my closet. They disposed of 33 pieces of clothing. After they left I thought, why not get rid of 50?! I did. It was almost a high — although I will say the last 5 pieces were difficult to get rid of. A green sweater that I wore when I was 9 years old was one of the last things “to go.” Years ago I found this sweater in my mom’s basement. I wore it on the day we found Grandpa Nick laying on his living room floor dead from a stroke. 46 years later when I saw this sweater in my closet I could almost hear the ambulance sirens. For years I would say a prayer when I heard ambulance sirens. I realized I never had a happy thought when I looked at this sweater.

Many of my clients feel stuck, and tired out by their physical clutter. There are two types of clutter: mental and physical. An ancient Chinese proverb says, “A cluttered space = a cluttered mind." If one is cluttered, often the other is an issue too.

The easiest way to get unstuck is to clean out your closet, desk or files. Want a new client, account or to lose weight? Clean off your desk. Really! I believe we are all holding onto things that serve no purpose except to remind us of someone, something or some important event.

Clutter is really a space issue. Physical clutter, I believe, is the result of valuing our stuff, but not valuing it enough to find a home for it. Mental clutter, like worry, guilt, shame or resentment, really impacts our relationships and our ability to feel happy and satisfied at the end of the day. What do you value more, your space or your stuff? Don’t forget about your precious “brain space.”

Questions To Help You Get Rid of Your Stuff

  • What meaning does it hold for me? (Remember the stuff is NOT the person who gave it to you.)
  • Does it give me a sense of lightness or heaviness?
  • What do I value more? My space or my stuff?


Be intentional with your stuff. When you get rid of stuff, watch your energy, wallet and relationships soar. Maybe that‘s why on my 53rd birthday my college roomies and I celebrated my 35th birthday…Now that’s intentional living!!

With a smile as I type and always here for you. Love, Chere.

Where is Cherecoach in the media and speaking?

May 7, 2008 AVI, Taping of “Chere Bork Presents Protein” Webinar, Eden Prairie, MN

May 8, 2008, Eden Prairie Women’s Network, Overcome Overwhelm, Eden Prairie, MN

May 22, 2008, Coach U Newcomer Special Interest Group Teleclass, The Emerging Field of Wellness Coaching

May 23, 2008, Especially for Children Centers, Healthy Self: Your Lifestyle Approach to Wellbeing, Edina, MN

May 27, 2008, National WIC Association 25th Annual Conference, Overcome Overwhelm, Minneapolis, MN

“Chere you did an outstanding job presenting to the Eden Prairie Rotary Club and impressed our members how making small changes in our eating habits, work-outs and attention to the details of how much we eat can make a huge difference in our healthy well being and weight management! Your enthusiasm, wit and endearing manner make you a favorite speaker of our club-as witnessed by the numerous people who asked for your advice, guidance and counsel in their journey for a healthy life balance. Chere you are a rare gem—who has a captivating message and a caring, heartfelt connection to your audience. With thanks, Greg"
—Greg Albrecht
Managing Partner
M&A Executive Search

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