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August, 2007

Is My Social Network Making Me Healthy or Unhealthy? | Savory Summer Tuna Salad

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E-Newsletter, August 2007

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. The purpose of this ezine is to empower you to take charge of your health, have more work/life balance to create more time for YOU, and to fully taste the life you love.

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Is My Social Network Making Me Healthy or Unhealthy?
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  1. Look at each bite before it goes in your mouth. Don’t eat blindly.

  2. Order first so you can influence others instead of them influencing you. Ask for steamed veggies and make the entire dining room jealous of your plate.

  3. Don’t push food on your company and accept their “No thank you.”

  4. Buy a large veggie tray even if you are not expected to bring food. Remember one cup of raw veggies is only 25 calories.

  5. Practice saying, “No thank you” in the mirror before you head to your get together.

  6. You can always blame me: “I’d love to but Cherecoach is very worried about me.”
    I tell my coaching clients that my job is to worry and their job is to live a healthy life. OK. Got that? Do it!


Seeking kids to do a triathlon and volunteer and seeking adults to volunteer

On July 21, 2007, Gary and I volunteered at the Miracle for Kids Triathlon at Lake Nokomis. I volunteered to be at the finish line. Could I have had a better job than giving out high fives as they crossed the finish line!! Again, we received MORE than we gave.

I asked Caroline what was the best part of the race and she replied, “My medal.” Kids discover they can accomplish almost anything they set their minds to and learn the value of giving back to others who are going through a difficult time.

There is still time for kids to sign up to do the triathlon and volunteers are still needed to be part of potentially the biggest kids’ triathlon in the world.

The event theme says it all... "Kids Racing for Kids Who Can't" is the major fund-raiser for the Miracles of Mitch Foundation, which supports families treating a child for cancer. Each participant races with the name of a child who has cancer on his or her leg. This year is the 4th annual on August 18th in Chanhassen. You can learn more at www.miraclekidstriathlon.org. Volunteer or sign up today.


When I socialize with friends is the emphasis to be social or to eat?

How do my “socializing eating habits” help or hurt the body I want to have tomorrow?

What one action step can I do today to take the time for my priceless health?

Click here (then press Send) to sign up for a complimentary 30-minute telephone coaching session — your first step toward a joy-filled, energizing life.


“I just wanted to share with you one of the most fabulous experiences that I've ever had. Last Weekend two pals and I went skydiving over Baldwin, Wisconsin. The plane flew up to 13,000 feet and you can see what happened next. An incredible ten minute journey in space followed...we had such a ball we're planning to repeat the adventure next summer!"
— Marnie


“Yesterday I ate lunch with mom, Lynn, my brother, and Noah, my 7 year old nephew (who beat me at cribbage and Pitch). Noah took a bite out of his corn dog that he bought at Skoops, an ice cream place in Hesston, and said 'I see now why they had a Help Wanted sign in their window . . . this corn dog is TOUGH.' Lynn tried it and told Noah, 'It isn’t tough.' Noah’s reply, 'Yes, it is, Dad. You have bigger and older teeth than I do!'
— Lisa

"Health is a crown on the well person’s head but only the sick may see it.”
Chere’s all time favorite quote
Author unknown


Savory Summer Tuna Salad

I have not eaten tuna for years. However, after being in Spain with lots of fish and tuna and wanting a lighter summer meal, tuna salad came to mind. This recipe is fast and easy and is a great way to use summer veggies from your garden or your farmer’s market.

1 6-ounce can tuna packed in water, drained

1 tsp. Dijon mustard
2 tsps red wine vinegar
1 Tbsp. Olive oil
2 tsp. Lemon juice

Red leaf lettuce or spinach
Garden veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh green beans, summer squash
Fresh tarragon or fresh basil, lightly chopped

Combine all dressing ingredients and whisk until combined. I actually only measure the olive oil and “eye” the rest of the dressing ingredients. I know you are wondering why would you buy water packed tuna and then dump olive oil over it. Olive oil can actually help lower harmful LDL cholesterol. Olive oil contains antioxidants that discourage artery clogging and chronic diseases, including cancer. It is a healthy fat and provides the base for the flavors in this quick recipe.

Line your dinner plate with red leaf lettuce or spinach and top with garden vegetables like wedges of tomatoes, fresh green beans (you can lightly steam them and chill) and/or summer squash. Top with tuna and drizzle dressing over tuna and veggies. Other options top with fresh herbs like tarragon or basil. Diced avocado or capers would add a lot to the flavor too.

Serve with fresh fruit salad and of course, warm conversation on your summer deck.

This would be a great idea for a summer lunch. Pack chopped veggies in baggies, tuna salad (drained and in a container), and the dressing in a small container. Assemble at your favorite peaceful lunch spot. Take a fresh nectarine or peach for dessert.


Red vine licorice, YES! I used to be a Fleet Farm red licorice girl (I love Fleet Farm) until Mary Crawford introduced me to RED VINE — soft and chewy. As a RD, I shudder when I look at the label. One piece is equal to the carb count in a slice of bread, so not really “free” like people think. Many of my wellness coaching clients think no fat on the label equals “free food.” While I absolutely love red licorice, I save it for a few times a year now when I go out of town.

As I write this note to you, we are off to Mark and Pam’s cabin in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, for the annual family weekend. Years of nutrition coaching have demonstrated that people equate cabins with junk food and a “birthday party” mentality. “I can eat it all. This is cabin weekend." It's like celebrating your birthday with your 3 fav food groups — sugar, alcohol and fat.

Why do healthy habits instantly disappear during cabin weekends, parties or get-togethers?

There are 3 key factors which research has shown contribute to people eating differently when they are with others than alone. I have come up with a few questions to ask yourself which potentially could save you hundreds of calories. Remember, the number one “tool” that can change your life is a question. So, start ASKING!!

Foods that are available
The foods available are higher in calories and fat. (Yes, our moms taught us “food is love” but why does it have to laden with fat?)

Ask yourself: "What can I do to prepare pre-party?" I often eat a slice of high fiber bread with peanut butter and a small glass of milk — about 150 calories. A cold hard old roll looks pretty good on an empty stomach and often is much more than 150 calories.

Ask yourself: "How can I create time to eat a healthy high fiber snack before I leave for the party?" I teach clients that our environment is stronger than our will. So create your own healthy environment.

Ask yourself: "Can I offer to bring a healthy side dish?"

Many people think, “I will be happy if I go to happy hour.” Well, happy hour after work can easily provide 700 calories. I calculated 4 chicken wings at 400 calories and 2 real beers at 300 calories. (Drink lite beer and save 150 calories)

Ask yourself: "Is my goal to 'get fat around my waistline,' unwind with alcohol, or socialize? What is my intention for this happy hour?"

Ask yourself: "What activity do I do with my friends? Is it all about food, physical activity or sitting around? What time of day is the healthiest time for me to meet my friends?" If you want to meet for dinner it is often easier to eat later as there is less traffic and less people and time for a walk/talk before your dinner or fitting in some exercise after work.

Good mood, you eat! Bad mood, you eat! Your mood influences what you eat.

Ask yourself: "Does eating really relieve my stress?" It may temporarily until you want more to eat. If you understand how your thoughts become paired with your eating and eventually your hips you may eat less, weigh less and be happier, hey.

Ask yourself: "Am I hungry?" If not, have a plan like my wellness coaching client Jim who drinks a can of V-8 juice when he is not hungry and is “just kinda looking around” the old kitchen.

Ask yourself: "What can I do besides eat when I get stressed out?" Try a 1- minute phone call and make someone’s day instead of focusing on what is stressing out your day. I love leaving singing birthday phone calls. Try this and you will forget your woes!

People sway your eating habits. You, knowingly or unknowingly, are letting it happen. Your habits today create your body tomorrow. It's as simple as that! So think about it, are you going to LIKE your body tomorrow based on what you ATE today? I am joyfully here to help!

With gratitude that YOU were born! Love, Chere

P.S. We never opened the Red Vine Licorice but did manage to eat a few of Aunt Pam’s and Gram’s bars and picked lots of wild blueberries.

Where is Cherecoach in the media and speaking?

Chere is vacationing with family and friends and moving kids and furniture (goodbye old blue couch) to UW Madison and the University of Iowa.


Graduation held on Monday July 16, 2007

What is the LEARN Class?

LEARN class participants had this to say:

  • The tele-calls kept me on pace.
  • Enjoyed having my LEARN partner for support.
  • Loved the extra emails between class calls.
  • Goal setting reminded me that I need to do this FOREVER.
  • Loved the extra handouts.
  • Loved the assessments and lab results pre and post class.
  • Chere combines energy, experience and exceptional results in a short amount of time. If you are ready for a new approach to life invest in this class.
  • Chere you are committed to excellence in your presentations and provide excellent information focused on RESULTS. You involved ALL members of our group.

I would love to offer you and your group at work or group of friends weight loss results in a supportive, loving and fun atmosphere. This will be the last “diet” you will ever go on. Get some people together and email me to start your own class this fall. Or email me if you would like me to start a group this fall on Monday evenings. I will also send you what LEARN Alumni have to say about the class results.

If you enjoy these coaching tips on socializing without the calories and fat and want to help others, please forward this issue to your co-workers, staff, family and friends. I appreciate your support. Missed an article? Visit the archived editions at http://letters.webvalence.com/sites/TasteLife/

My passion is to empower you to have an easy life, radiating extraordinary health and well being. Can you feel it? Call today for a 30-minute complimentary coaching session. I guarantee one tip, tool, question or strategy that will make your life easier!!

You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

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